a bouquet of content warnings for this blog

a bouquet of content warnings for this blog

words describing sexual activities and body parts.  pictures of breasts with nipples concealed.  descriptions of sexual violence done in a performance / play way, for pleasure and to heal trauma.  descriptions of BDSM activities, including pain and power exchange. 

brief, non-graphic mentions of actual sexual violence remembered.  mentions of emotional abuse remembered.  mentions of violence against fat people and disabled people, including harm done by psychiatrists and other health providers. 

non-monogamy.  words considered vulgar such as cunt, dick, tits.  fantasies and emotions involving all of the above.

I can’t think anything else that people would be distressed about.  Here’s hoping you enjoy what you read here and it helps you on your life journey.

Please message me if you would like to suggest other content warnings. Or better ways I could help readers understand what they’re getting into.  Thank you.

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