Just a breast in pretty light, and an arm.  A pretty picture for a Saturday.  Looking in the mirror in the bathroom, I liked myself.

Also I wanted to show you this kink meme–so much is possible.  I felt represented.

kink meme

There’s a picture I put on my altar–a note card depicting a woman who looks soulful and caring.  She’s with jungle vegetation and looks strong.

I pray for the girlfriend of my dreams.  I pray a woman will want me, one day.

We could build something together, equals.  Maybe she would have a pretty breast or two also.  I prepare my life for her, filled with faith.

Please, lady who could understand me and include me.  Please arrive emotionally available, curious, probably crazy, and feeling as much as I do.

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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