I got some free PPE in preparation for going down on my spouse’s ass.  The deal is he might consent with a barrier.  So when he was out of town, I drove to the local HIV resources clinic and took from the free supplies in their lobby.

Before that I’d called Planned Parenthood.  The lady answering the phone said they sell their dental dams for a dollar or two each.  But they were out–she said to check back in a month.

Wow!  I hate when people are overly judgmental of orgs that are trying to help, not helping right.  But I felt frustrated that it was hard to find a basic thing that is supposed to protect against disease.


You know I am queer, and I had girlfriends when I was a teenager.  Then again more recently.  But never in my life have I used a dental dam.  I get the PPE concept, and I read online about cutting a condom open.  But the area a condom would cover seems too small.

“You could put a condom on your tongue,” my homegirl said.

I’d been complaining about the search for a dental dam.  She was lying in bed after we had been cuddling, and I’d just gotten up to pee.

I giggled, imagining my condomed tongue licking my spouse’s asshole.  In my imagination, the condom was light blue.  I wondered how it would feel to have a condom over my tongue.

Oh, I realized it was not a joke–my homegirl seemed serious.  Probably she has experience with this.  I didn’t ask.  She is way more ass-oriented and ass-engaged than I am, as a trans woman bottom.

“No, I want to use more than my tongue,” I said.  “I want to use my lips…”

“You want to really get in there,” she said.

“Yeah! For sure!” I said.  Go big or go home.


Yesterday when my spouse and I began to have sex, he took off his clothes.  I asked him to let me look at his ass.

He stood before me, and I petted his butt lovingly.

“Can I look inside?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said.

Gently I spread his ass cheeks and beheld his Forbidden Area.  Yes, we’ve been together for 12 years.  He’s trained me well to avoid his asshole, among other things.


Wow, it’s pretty.  I noticed some hair, some darker skin areas, and the asshole itself, with its wrinkles and one small bulge.  I like it!  Prying open his ass was delightful.

“What do you think?” he asked.

“It’s great!” I said.

He turned around, and we smiled at each other.  I asked him to take the wooden spatula from the nightstand and hit me with it, starting gently.  It stings more than the thud of the flogger I love.

“Please start gently and then work up to hitting me harder.  And then please caress my ass sweetly afterward,” I instructed.

It felt beautiful and was a sweet way to wake up my body.  Not a full on hitting session that would create sub drop the next day.  But just a few minutes of intense sensation to delight me.

the plan

“Can I propose a plan?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said.

“So maybe tomorrow if I’m lucky, or maybe the next day, after you take a shower, we look at all the PPE.  We open a dental dam together and see what it’s like.  And then if you want to, I will put some lube on your asshole, put the dental dam down on that, and maybe some lube on top of the dental dam too.  Then I’ll try licking you like that, and see how it feels.  We can go slow, and we can stop at any time.”

“Sounds good!” he said.

“Yay!” I said.

“My dick got hard when you were looking into my butt, before,” he said.

“Yay!” I said.


I’m happy there’s hope of doing new, fun things with my spouse.  Thank you, Mother God, for giving us adventuresome spirits, sexual desire, great communication, and long lasting love.

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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