If you have a problem with blood, please scroll along.  I’m not into blood as part of pain play in a kink sense.  When I’m at a sex party, I eye the blood play station skeptically and don’t engage.

But I’ve been menstruating for 37 years, so I’m used to this wet red.  My spouse and I have sex just about every day, so menstrual blood is going to be involved somehow.


Sometimes my period is such a mess, I don’t want to engage my own vulva except when I take a shower.  I feel exasperated by the work of catching the fluids and tending to clothing and bedding.

Helping myself cum, or being penetrated or otherwise touched by another person seems so much more than I want to deal with.  So I will cuddle with my spouse, suck his dick, and ask him to beat off on me.

When I do feel the need to cum while I’m on my period, I’m caught red handed.  I asked my spouse to take a picture because I thought the blood was so pretty.

Yes, I love red.  When I was younger, I hated it.  I thought red was an obnoxious color– way too much.  Now I think it’s gorgeous and powerful.  I’m glad I came around.

The smell can be intense–iron smell or something deeper.  That’s fine; it’s life.  I’m an animal.

oral sex

“A long time ago, you told me to let you know if I was ever interested I you going down on me when I’m on my period,” I reminded my spouse.  “Then the other day, I asked you to look in my vulva when I was menstruating, and you didn’t want to go down on me.  Are you not interested anymore?  Would you need to wipe the fluid off?”

My spouse thought about it for a minute.

“I just didn’t think of it right then,” he said.

“Ok!  Well, let me know if you ever want to try.  You might not have much longer,” I said.  “I might be done soon.”

“Right,” he said.

Feels great to stay explorers, all these years.  Next I plan to go down on his ass.


By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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