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when Michael dies

This poem “when Michael dies” is about my close friend who I never met in person yet.  I ask for her post-husband visit so we can be animals together, and I would like to comfort her in her grief.

when Michael dies

When Michael dies, freedom

will fly into your life

like a wild wind,

tearing through

canyons, whipping up tornadoes that

disrupt the peace of trees,

making little mammals glance up,

ruffling flowers, petting grasses

into undulating, shining green fur.

Your freedom will be made of questions.

Let me be one answer.

You’ll always have your children.

But with your freedom-energy,

please come to me.

Please find out how our bodies relate

after so long our spirits

have been doing love

far away.

You are good at hopping on airplanes

and making an adventure,

saying yes, choosing the expense of money

over the expense of loneliness and empty wondering.

We’re on earth to hold one another,

not to die without credit card debt.

When Michael dies, please come here,

wherever I am–

please find me.

Hold me for a long time.

On a snuggle couch, in the sun,

in a bed, on a floor, on Parent Earth,

in a car, in a restaurant, in a kitchen–

please find me and teach me

who you are

in a new way.

I expect some truth

I never knew will come to me–

I’m ready.

When Michael dies, you’ll be cut loose

like a lost purple kite

I would like to gaze at for a long time.

Or you will boom into a new shape

which could touch my shape,

or you will become a new animal-type

which I would welcome.

Oh, sweet mammal–

arrive to me.

When Michael dies, you’ll lose

what kept you anchored.

Please sail to me–

help me learn

your unique necessary color

I would never believe

until you rainbowed onto my doorstep.

When Michael dies, as you suffer.

I’ll cook for you

and touch your hair

for as long as you’re interested.

I’ll show you the plants here.

You can rest with me.

I hope Michael lives a long life.

I hope I live longer.

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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