“Can I tell you what I’m thinking about?” I asked my spouse.  I was having a fantasy about being watched.

“Yes,” he said.

We were in bed having sex–not our usual bed at home, but at a rental place.  My spouse was spooning me and touching my breasts.  His big dick was poking onto my back.

play party

“Ok, so here’s what I’m thinking,” I said.  “You and I are at the sex party, play party.  And we go into one of those rooms under the balcony so I can go down on you.  I take off my shirt, so my breasts are exposed.  And you take off your clothes too.

“I start to suck your dick, and some people are looking through the curtain.  Their eyes are curious about the love between us, and you are getting off on being watched.

“You pull your dick out of my mouth and slowly beat off, watching them watch you.  You’re stroking yourself, and you look at them as they stare at your dick in your hand.  Their eyes widen as they take in your beauty.

“You realize you’re going to come soon, and ask if you can come on my tits.  I accept your semen as it spurts onto me.  But that’s not what we planned–we had planned I was going to go down on you.  I’m feeling jealous you were showing off for the curtain audience, getting off on them seeing you, because it was supposed to be more about you and me.


“Then the next day, you’re getting hard, remembering the people watching you, and how you came for them.  Your hand is in your dick, and you think of them getting wet for you, watching you beat off.  You wish for them to watch you more.  I walk into our bedroom as see you jacking off, thinking about those people at the play party.

“I feel jealous that you’re beating off, thinking about them, not playing with me.  Then you make me watch you beat off thinking about them.  You say, ‘Look at me wanting them.  Look at me cum, thinking about them and not you.’

Then you beat off to the point of ejaculation.  You enjoy being watched as I witness your desire for the voyeur people, excluded but strangely included.


I like the layers of fantasy.  This one even gets triple, as the voyeurs are having a fantasy of being fucked by my spouse, who’s having a fantasy about being watched by them.  And then it’s my over-arching fantasy that is most of this post.

In real life I don’t enjoy being humiliated sexually, but in my fantasy life, I get off on that.  Daily I work hard to keep my spouse going, as we disabledly interdepend.   I want a lot of credit for that hard work, and reciprocity also.

Sex is a way we share pleasure and care for one another recreationally.  It’s just fun–not the toil of mundane carework.

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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