masturbation party

My spouse and I had a date.  We got naked–he cleared the bed, including moving the blanket to the chair.  We both were lying there and began to cuddle sweetly.  Then I asked if we could have a masturbation party.

“Yeah!” he said.


I’ve been in extra pain lately.  Is my disability getting worse?  Is it hormonal, the season change, a different stress?  Maybe I’m eating the wrong foods, or just age.

Sometimes the pain makes me think sex is impossible.  Sex is a huge process with feelings, bodily processes, need for privacy, possible messiness.  When I’m hurting, sometimes I want to avoid the whole topic of sex because I don’t feel strong enough to do any more than the bare minimum.

But sex could be as simple as asking my spouse, “Can I hold your dick?”  Or as simple as cuddle with him caressing my breasts, or sharing sex story fantasies.  Neither of us needs to have an orgasm.  It could be cuddle, a sexy moment, and more cuddle.

It’s very relaxing to remember that sex can be chill.  A masturbation party is probably going to be chill.  I need all different kinds of sex in my life.

masturbation party

What would the ideal masturbation party include?  Lube!  Pillows to arrange, in support of our bodies as we beat off for as long as we want.  Some people like porn to masturbate to, but my spouse and I are not very porny people.  You know we’d rather make it than watch it.

I like water to sip, quiet, being un-distracted, carving out some time where I don’t have to think about anything else.  White noise can help.  Cuddle and closeness with my spouse is good.  Seeing his beauty and mine together.

Love helps too, of course.  Love is at the center.  Without that, there’s no point to all the risk and challenge.  Call us demisexual–that might be accurate.

how it went

He beat off, and I watched.  How pretty, until the semen spurted on me, and I helped him clean up.

Then he helped me get the pillows right, and I beat off too.  We supported one another.  It was so good to come–it had been a while.

Good wishes to your own masturbation, readers.  There are so many ways to have sex, connect, collaborate, feel pleasure, and enjoy having a body.

Masturbation isn’t lesser-than.  Fuck hierarchies.  There isn’t a straight line, with masturbation on one side and an orgy on the other.  An orgy isn’t better, and masturbation isn’t better.

All different kinds of sex in this world, all with their own amazingness.  I’m grateful to be free to try many things.

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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