open it

“Open it,” I said.

I was lying in bed after a shower with the fan blowing on my body.  I was drying off my cunt, my ass, and the place between my abdomen and mons.  And the creases between my thighs and cunt.  So good to get wet and clean, then nicely dry.

It’s beneficial for my skin health, to dry off well–a beautiful resting ritual after my shower every day.  But even better if my spouse is around and can enjoy my clean, naked body.  Being clean makes me horny.

open it

He didn’t need to be invited twice.  He was looking at my vulva, came closer, and gently touched my cunt lips.  Then he spread them to see the pink within.

“How does it look?” I asked.

“You look beautiful,” he said.

He often says that.  Sometimes I’d rather be hot, sexy, pretty.  I can ask for those words.  But I’m overjoyed to be beautiful to him.


“Will you collar me and use my body?” I asked.  “We have about two hours.”  I looked at the clock.

“Yes,” he said.

He reached for the collar where it stays on its hook by the bed.

“I would say the normal boundaries of no access to my ass.  Also I’m around ovulation, so please don’t come in me.  And please don’t make a ton of bed noise.  Otherwise, please do what you want with me,” I said.

He put the collar around my neck kindly.

“You’re a good sub,” he said and kissed me gently.  We kissed again and again.

use me

What would you do, if you could do anything to a person you love and trust?  I wanted to blow him for a long time, to accept his dick shoved down my throat, then accept his semen pumped down my throat.

Mmm–tasty.  Or at least a little bit of going down on him.

He chose to fuck me right away.  I lay back, and he positioned himself on his knees between my legs.  His big dick was dramatic.  He nudged it into me, fucked me in a mostly upright way that’s low pain for me and I can sustain almost indefinitely.  If I put some pillows by my thighs to help my legs relax, it’s comfortable and thrilling.

Yes, he thrust into me how he wanted to.  He’d reach for my nipples as he fucked me and watch me feel overwhelmed with pleasure.

I love being used.  I get off on it.  It feels amazing even though he’s going for his own pleasure.  Kind of like writing–I write the poem for myself, but other people will like it too.  If you’re being real, people relate, even if the specific details are different.

When he was ready to cum, he pulled out and ejaculated on my mons and clit.  I was grateful.  Even though he’s had a vasectomy, they fail.  I prefer a full load delivered to the cervix only at the beginning or end of my cycle.


Then he decided I needed to cum too.  We got the vibrator from the bedside.

“Tell me to hump it,” I said.

“Hump it,” he said.

He touched my breasts as I humped the vibrator.  Then I came on it, whimpering, trying to stay quiet.

Grateful for love, sexual compassion, care, that my spouse washes the vibrator and puts it back in its spot to charge.

How many people are ever loved like this?  I’m glad he wants to open it, lets me top from the bottom, and nurtures for me so good with his gorgeous body, including his dick.

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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