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sex gratitude

Here’s a list of my sex gratitude.


Thank you for caring about my well-being, pleasure, and safety.  Thank you for caring about my whole life including before you arrived on the scene, and if there’s time that I live without you.  Your responsible kindness–in bed and outside of bed–makes me want you.  I want to stay in  a mini-family with you, fucked by you always.

Thank you for respecting my body completely, no questions asked, including my fatness and disabilities  Never have you made me feel lesser than for my differences.  You’ve been amazing the whole time I’ve known you.

Thank you for shedding the lies about worth that culture tells all of us: what bodies are valuable and why.  I thrive in your generous brilliance every day.


Thank you for loving my body and worshiping it, licking me, holding me, and wanting to get me off.  Thank you for respecting my boundaries while making sure I know I’m wanted and lusted after.

You find such a good balance between giving my sexuality space, and communicating desire.  I need the space to grow into, and I need to closeness to feel safe.  You are amazing.

Thank you for your sexual skills.

  • the types of pressure you give me
  • the ways you penetrate me
  • kisses
  • how you make me cum
  • your willingness to attend play parties and support me as I learn / change
  • the ways you cuddle me
  • how you track and avoid my chronic pain places
  • your willingness to hit me, hurt me, and exchange power in responsible bdsm kink ways
  • abundant aftercare
  • how you’re always learning about sex and never believe you’re done
  • your honesty and willingness to talk about sex, all aspects
  • your honesty about what you do and want sexually

Thank you for knowing me deeply, more deeply than any other person ever has.  I love giving you that access.

I love how you accept my whole self, even challenging parts and what confuses you.  Yes, I tell my whole truth to you, sex gratitude and otherwise.  You have ruined me–now I’ll accept nothing less than this delicious advanced safety.

Thank you for sharing your body with me.  You are so beautiful.

Thank you for all the freedom you help me enjoy–so much freedom to make mistakes in.  I love you.


Sex gratitude is part of all my gratitude for you.  The ways you’re wonderful go together.

I was right about you.: You’re a sex goddess.  I benefit with deep healing.

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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