taking tylenol for sex

I’ve had chronic pain for decades.  But I’m a hippie of some kind–I avoid pharmaceutical drugs if I can.  Yesterday was my first time taking tylenol for sex.

I’m sorry it came to that.  But I was in too much pain to cum, and it had been about a week since orgasm, much longer than I prefer.

The sex for days was very good without orgasm: sweet, connective, intense, rich, and strange.  Just like I like it!  But I wanted the release of coming.  I wanted to be flooded with pleasure and happy hormones as a reset.  Yes, I hoped to reduce my stress and improve my sleep.

It took some work to get to orgasm.  I’m glad I resorted to taking tylenol for sex.  Let me tell you the story.


I was lying in bed in my underwear.  We had a date scheduled–I wanted to take a shower and have a whole sex experience with my spouse.  But I was so damn tired and in pain, I was having a hard time getting to the shower.

My spouse took off his clothes, lay in bed with me, and we started flirting and gently cuddling.  We were both sleepy–it was afternoon.  Beautiful light filled the room.

“I want to fuck the shit out of you,” my spouse said, somewhat out of the blue.

“Wwwwaaa?!” I said, caught off guard.

We giggled.

“I want you to suck my dick,” he said.

I imagined sucking his dick.  Yes, I wanted that too.


We spoke in this fashion for some cuddly time.  It was unusual because I’m the one who tends to use language in bed to arouse, ask, and get a reaction.  I liked him using language before me.

We kissed.

“Can I reach in here?” I asked, my hand lifting the edge of his underwear.

“Yes,” he said.

“What do I find?” I asked.  “Pretty balls,” I said, touching him there.  “Pretty dick.”

I touched his balls as his dick stiffened.


I went down on him, he fucked me, and he ejaculated on my vulva.  It was glorious, joyfully overwhelming, and felt dramatic the way sex can.  We create a desire so intense it feels like a problem, then solve the problem together.

Then I wanted to come too.  We arranged the small buckwheat hull pillows just so.  I asked for help.

“Can you put something behind my left shoulder?” I asked.  The pinched nerve disables me–I can’t masturbate with my right hand anymore.

I settled in for the long rub, as my spouse licked and touched my nipples.  I thought of all manner of things.  Somewhat I got close, but the pain in my neck, shoulders, left arm, and hips was so bad.  I felt the sensations at war in my body.  Pleasure would rise, and pain would rise in a competing way.  Pain was in front, blocking me from being able to cum.

Not fun pain, part of bdsm play with consent and power exchange.  But frustrating decades-long disability pain that derails me.

taking tylenol for sex

Then my spouse needed to use the bathroom. So I had the idea of taking tylenol and resting as he showered.  Then we could try for round two in half an hour, after the tylenol kicked in.

Well, it worked.  The rest or maybe the tylenol cleared my pain cache.  I masturbated and worked toward my goal.  I still hurt.  But in the race between pleasure and pin, pleasure won, so I could cum.

It was triumphant.  I had great difficulty being quiet as I came.  Feeling grateful I know how to cum, and orgasm is an important patt of my life.  Not everyone knows how to do that.

questions for discussion

How hard would you work for an orgasm?  What would you give up?  What would you compromise?

How important is orgasm to your life?

What is your optimal orgasm frequency?

What do you think about lately, in an effort to cum?

Are you the one who gets you off the best?

In the struggle between your body and your mind, who wins?

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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