new pants

He was wearing new pants, bright and colorful.  He bought them at an Asian import store in town, mostly Nepali, on a whim.

Usually my spouse wears dude clothes, dressed as a hiker, with REI style nylon outdoorsy cargo pants and cotton tee shirts, earth tones, with hiker-style shoes.  So these bright rainbow cotton hippie pants got attention from everyone.

boner check

In our room, in the morning, we spoke playfully.  I caressed his beautiful ass, seeing his ass curves in a new way in this different smooth cotton fabric.  How hot his beautiful ass is, such a vital part of his power and energy.  Shake it, baby.

“Should we do a boner check?” I asked.  Seemed a good idea to check how his pants would fit when he got a boner in them.  He’s a very bonery person.

Speaking of boners–yes.  A boner sprung into being, hearing its name and from how I was touching him with love.

His shirt was mostly long enough to cover that place.  He reached into his pants to adjust his boner.

“Wait–if you adjust, that’s not a good boner check,” I said.

“I’ll just adjust, in everyday life,” he said.

“Uh–not sure that’s a good idea,” I said.

new pants

His hand in his pants might not be appropriate.  But boners come, and boners go.  Adjustment is a thing.

We are changing all the time.  New pants are a new opportunity at life.  His gender performance is chill, as he knows who he is inside, and what other people see is not too concerning.

But these bright new pants help people consider him in a new way.  They help people see him at all.  He tends to be a low-drama person who helps a lot, but gets under-appreciated and underestimated.  His disability makes him seem less competent to others, that’s for sure.

But he’s very competent and very gorgeous.  The chill, non-demanding vibe means he’s sometimes overlooked.  Or he’s tokenized for being a person of color, often the only person of color among a buncha hippies.  Chill, easy POC who’s not going to make waves, half-asleep, full of love and integrity, but taken for granted.

I wish power could be different.  The bright rainbow new pants shake that up a bit.

questions for discussion

Do you like how your ass looks?

Do you like the attention, when you dress in a new way and people comment on your clothes?

How important is it to you, that your gender is read correctly?

Is it even possible, for others to read your gender correctly?

What’s it like to be the POC with a buncha white hippies?

How can white hippies do better with race?

Do you get the amount of respect that feels right, for you?

What do you look like, in your mind or imagination or spirit?

How would you dress, if you could dress in any way?

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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