impact sounds

I recorded impact sounds and thought you might enjoy hearing them.  My spouse was hitting me on the ass, and I had emotional vocal responses.

It’s been a stressful time.  I need pleasure, to relax and lose myself.  We hadn’t recorded anything in a year or so.  But we were house sitting and had the delicious opportunity to make noise.

Beforehand I set some parameters–I asked for three minutes.  I asked him to start gentle.  Wow, it was amazing.  I was very aroused and happy.  I felt loved by my spouse’s hitting hand.


This is the first impact sounds recording.

I was lying facedown on the bed.  He was kneeling by the bed, hitting me with his bare hand.

We had already been doing this for a while, by the time I asked to record.  I like the way I’m chill at the beginning then sort of lose it.  He hits me harder and harder, almost as much as I can take.  He finds that edge, which I appreciate.  Yes, he’s an attentive, skilled top.

I was afraid my ass would be in so much pain afterward, I would have trouble sitting.  But this morning my ass is resilient and fine.


This is the second impact sounds recording.

Beforehand we talked about consent-non-consent–I asked for it.  I warned him that I might say “no” and he was to keep hitting me unless I used our safeword.

But in the moment, I realized I wasn’t ready for consent-non-consent. I wasn’t in a good place emotionally for that wild work of play-violation.  So I squirmed a bit and didn’t need the safeword.

Now I realize that consent-non-consent might be too much for the sound site that’s hosting the sounds.  So I’m glad I didn’t begin that type of play.

what I think

Sounds pretty.  I feel aroused hearing it.  What do you think, reader?  Listening to it again makes me want more.

I was blissed out afterward–I felt like my ass was glowing with warmth and light.  The pain-pleasure overwhelm is so nice, in contrast to the anxiety-overwhelm that’s become my norm lately, unfortunately.  The pain pushed everything else out.

Finding the animal is such a relief.  My cries are language-free, from deep inside me.  I don’t need to be logical or explain anything.  I hope you enjoy that part.

Thank you to my spouse for being willing to hurt me how I want it and collaborate on a scene I need.  Thank you for beating me into the grounded, tender person I want to be.

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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