blurry picture

This blurry picture was a phone accident.  I saw it among my photos and laughed, then put it through a couple filters to warm and brighten.  I like my spouse’s pubic hair, that dark glimpse of joy.  What a pretty bush.

I like the fairy lights on the side, cheerful.  And I love the suggestion of dick and movement.  Really it was his hand reaching.  We were in bed and had just had sex.  He had come on me heartily.  So his dick was actually withered and satisfied for a short time.


We have what so many people are looking for–honest, kind, inter-dependent, supportive, generous, attentive love with freedom.  He does the impossible every day: loving me deeply without controlling me, caring without forcing anything.  Helping is his joy, and we can tell the truth about everything.

I wish everyone could have this, but not everyone wants to tell the truth and live the truth.  Well, you don’t get this magical partnership, then.  Truth is raw and vital, a force of its own.  I need to dwell there, because I don’t want violence.  Truth is necessary for consent.

This accidental burry picture with my thick thigh on the side is beautiful.  I hold it as a sacred artifact of this rich, beautiful time.

I wish I could hold onto this time–I know things will change.  But so far we have done great changing together.  I’m cultivating faith that we can stay happy and alive.


What do you most want in relationship?  I want what I have: tenderness, sexual nurturing, creativity and ideas, kindness, shared language, sleeping in the same bed, being able to relax with another person, desire, healing pleasure, taking care of one another in a chill way.  Lovely dick, so much patience.

I’m fortunate that my spouse is not an angry person.  He has a strong sense of justice, but the realistic humor helps.  He has a lot of perspective.  I like to kick back with him, up on the cliffside of our thoughts, taking a bird’s eye view together, noticing things.  He’s my favorite person to notice with.

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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