smut theory

breast massage

“Thank you for that breast massage with your dick,” I said to my spouse.

“Sure!” he said.

We’d just shared delicious sex.  I was lying in bed as he moved about the bedroom.

“It felt good for my health,” I added.  “So many ways to care for my health…”

coconut oil

My spouse is having trouble lately with the skin around his fingernails getting dry and injured.  It gets rough and catches on a pocket sometimes and tears.  So I offer to put salve on it, and I had some coconut oil with me on a trip.

I have been sick with little energy.  So for a few days, our daily bread has mostly consisted of him beating off on me, or I have cuddled him while he masturbated, touching his chest and kissing him and telling him how I adore him and love him always.

This time I offered to put coconut oil on his fingers, and he said yes, but he hates it.  He has an ocd diagnosis, and one of the ways his particular-ness manifests is cleanliness.  The dry skin by his fingernails could be framed as an issue with over-washing his hands.  Over washing is related to anxiety, but also his skin dries out more when the weather is cold.  Something about lack of moisture in the air.


I offered to put the coconut oil on his fingers, and I liked the intimacy.  Felt sweet to care for his health with a moment of touch.

“Maybe I could distract you for a while, putting the rest of this coconut oil somewhere else,” I said.

“On my other hand?” he asked.  But he knew what I meant.  We smiled.  The idea was the oil on his fingers would not bother him, as I played with his dick.

“Probably on your dick,” I said.  “Would you like that?”

He wanted it and took off his clothes.  I was already wearing no shirt.  I stood behind him, held him gently, and rubbed my warm tits on his back.  Felt good to just rub my tits on his back for a long time, back and forth.  Like we had all the time in the world, two tender animals.


Then I sat on the edge of the bed as he stood by the bed.  His dick was erect, and I asked if I could touch his balls.  He said yes.

“God, you’re so beautiful,” I said.

I touched his balls, the pubic hair area above his dick, his beautiful thighs.  Then I put the coconut oil on his dick.

“Is this ok?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said.

The coconut oil melted and was a lot.  I rubbed his now slippery dick and enjoyed his pleasure as he emoted.

“Can you turn around?” I asked.  He stood between my legs, and I grabbed his dick from other angles.

I used my non-oily hand for a less slippy sensation, then switched back to my oilier hand.

breast massage

We were at a good height to rub my tits on his dick.  Healing breast massage was inevitable.  I love when he fucks my tits, and it feels like he’s also fucking my heart.

I pushed my breasts together so he could fuck them better.  He slid his dick so lovingly between them.  Then he beat off for a little while.  Then he fucked my tits some more.  I moved his hands so he could hold my breasts and push them together.  It felt so sweet.

He said “I love you” to me over and over, like a mantra.  I leaned back and held my arms above my head so he could look at my armpits.  He gets off on them.  Then he came on my chest.  I felt fortunate and deeply connected to him.


He looked so pretty, I asked if I could take his picture.

“You’re glowing,” I said.  “The light on your breasts and tummy is so good.”

That’s how he looks, standing by the bed, just come.  I could kiss that tummy forever.

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