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“Do you want to come before you go?  Can I tell you a story to help?  Can I tell you a story about mermaids?” I asked my spouse.

He was about to go out for the night.  I was sitting on the bed as he stood by the bed.  His pants were unfastened, and his hard dick was saying hello.

“Hello, dick,” I said.  “Aren’t you beautiful today.  Can I pet it?”

My spouse agreed to being pet and the mermaids story, but I had a new ending in mind.  He rubbed himself as I caressed his ass.  And I told him this story which has been with us for years.

the story

Say you washed up on a rocky shore, and you found the sea cave with the beautiful mermaids who lost their mermen and all wanted to be fucked by you and impregnated.  Yes, your dick is what they’re all after, and they want you to fuck them as much as possible.  They take your semen deep inside of them and can’t get enough of you.

All 20 of them, from the youngest who screams as she comes on your dick, to the fattest and oldest, with graying hair like mine.  They want your body, and they trust you.

So that’s your whole life–fucking horny mermaids.  You sleep, and when you wake up, a different mermaid is there, offering herself to you.  You reach for her, licking her lovely breasts, holding her close to you, rubbing your dick on her, sliding into her, and fucking her how she wants, as well as you can without language.  Every mermaid is different, and you learn their preferences, how to make each come.  You responsibly land your semen up again the cervix of each, glad to give your body to each.


Your dick gets used to that.  Many times a day, all day, you’re fucking and ejaculating into them, giving them all you have, delivering your load as deep as possible.  They adore you.

Yes, they love you because they want to get pregnant.  But mostly you are so good to them, and so beautiful.  They love you for the reasons I love you.  That attentive, sexy, supportive touch.  Your love is real.  So kindly you penetrate them and use them, with such forceful love as they’ve wanted all their merlives.  You’re like a god to them.

You live there some months in a blur of salty pleasure.  They use you, and they do start getting pregnant.  You have facilitated the merbabies they wanted.

But they don’t stop offering their bodies to you.  They arrive at your sea cave wanting you and touch you longingly, asking you to slide inside their bodies, even as they are pregnant and their request is no longer justified.  Now you are just their joy.  You’re happy to give them what they want.  They are your joy also.

your dick

Your fuck muscles are so strong, and your dick and balls are used to coming now every four hours or so.  Sex has become the main job of your being.  So when a ship comes by and rescues you from the island, you really don’t want to leave.  Suddenly you’re home, not suited to regular life.  You miss the mermaids badly, but now you’re returned to me, and we resume our life.

All that time with mermaids feels like a sex dream.  You smell like the sea for some weeks after your return, no matter how many showers you take.  I hold you lovingly as you sleep and ponder your time on the island.  I respect your hard work impregnating mermaids.  Of course, I would do the same thing you did.  I respect your dick how it is now, much more eager than before.


Something the mermaids didn’t much give to you was blowjobs.  They wanted your dick in their holes every time.  So I offer my mouth to you, and you begin shoving your dick down my throat often.  Randomly throughout the day, I see the budge in your pants and reach for you.  Or you interrupt my work to ask me to go down on you.  I take off my shirt, move your hands to my tits, and accept your dick nudged into my mouth.

You fuck my mouth and remember the mermaid who would scream as she came on your dick.  After the first time she did that, you worked very hard to give it to her how she liked.  You would be thrilled to receive the reward of a sharp, loud yelping sound from her throat that extended into a long ecstatic scream.  Her face contorted with pleasure, and her cunt throbbed rhythmically around you.  Yes, you liked that one.

You remember fucking the mermaid who reminded you of me, who you felt extra tenderness for as you caressed her ample hips and licked her nipples like you lick mine.  So many times you made her come also, as a way of caring for her, but also somehow for me.  You remember a time on the shifting shore rocks that you pretended she was me as you fucked her, and called to me in your heart over the miles, hoping I was ok.


I can never live up to the mermaids.  Their needs were simple–they were easy to please.  No language means no arguments.  You had one thing to do, and your dick never let them down.  I guess when you sailed away, you let them down.  But I feel like an ass for needing more from you than they did.

I think of their tails, their long hair with bits of kelp, the life they gave you.  The dried fish and seaweed salads–the abalone they harvested for you.  The fresh water they carried to you from a nearby stream, and the bed they made for you in the sea cave where you fucked them all.

Who am I, a mortal, non-mythological creature.  Just a regular lady.  I feel inadequate, but I’m also excited to know this new version of you.

You always gave me the sex I needed, but now you want more, and I’m up for receiving you and tending your appetite.  All the dick you bring to me, I swallow gladly.

back to regular life

My spouse did like this story, and he came on my breasts, which was sweet, before he left for the night.  We wiped it off, and we cuddled for a few minutes before I walked him downstairs.

We kissed in the foyer.  I hugged him, and I told him, “Good luck.  I love you forever.”  A housemate was passing by and gave us a look.  I felt embarrassed that he knows I intend to love my spouse forever.

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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