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spiritual experience

Sex is a transformative wildness.  I love that.  It’s the spiritual experience I need the most.

Sex is a common extreme state.  Many people visit regularly, to do special work that requires the body.

I love flooding myself with pleasure.  I love sex for all these aspects.

  • practice consent
  • while letting go
  • connect playfully with another person
  • go into another mentality
  • ecstatic experience
  • healing
  • learning
  • something creative
  • process reality
  • shift energy
  • reset tensions
  • a break from regular life
  • communicate respect
  • do love
  • risk something together that’s worth it

It’s sacred and fun.  An everyday ritual that nourishes and challenges me.


Then I love bdsm as a higher stakes way of having sex that can do even more work.  I can move a huge amount of energy with that intense wildness, in an intentional, clear, edgy way.

The pain and power play are strong magic to mess with.  Big feelings can be even bigger.  It’s advanced.

touching your arms

Non-sex touch can also be a spiritual experience, transformative and sacred.  I imagine touching just your arms, as they’re bare.  Yes, I could say a lot to them.

  • thank you for showing up bravely in the world
    thank you for how you’ve been part of helping so many people
  • thank you for doing the hard work of my friend
    thank you for your beauty
    thank you for reaching
    thank you for connecting my friend’s heart to his hands
  • thank you for holding me and helping me feel safe
    thank you for moving about when my friend dances
    thank you for being part of my friend’s great intelligence
  • thank you for being alive and real
  • thank you for your survival

I would enjoy talking to many parts of your body in this way.  I’d say similar things to your legs, your back, your neck, your tummy, your chest, your head.

Also I’d enjoy blessing your chakras, and doing something different with you.  Yes, I like hugs and need them.  Holding hands can be divine.  I’d love to do those things with you.

But I’m hungry to do something different.  And I think we could be helpful to one another.


Your voice is so beautiful.  Your voice could win all the beauty pageants.  I would give flowers just to your voice.

And I have loved folx who have beards, but I never felt toward any beard how I feel toward yours.  When you hug me and your beard touches my face, something inside of me changes.  It’s thrilling.

I would like to be close to you and kiss all your ribs one day.  Front and back.  And your sternum, honestly.

I would hum to the solar plexus inside you, imagine your nerves, and say thank you.

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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