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“I have some soft candy in my pocket,” my spouse said.  We were on a long drive, and he wanted a snack.  “Can you feed it to me?”

“Oo!” I said.  “I hear you have soft candy….but what if you had hard candy in your pocket?”

I touched my spouse’s pocket area / dick area as he drove.  Oh, these long drives, and our sweet ways of connecting and keeping each other awake.

I giggled.  “Is this ok?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said, seriously.

“I think I feel some hard candy in your pocket,” I said.  “Maybe if I put it in my mouth and suck on it, it will get harder.”

“Yes,” my spouse said.  “Well, it’s already very hard for you.”


Driving, sometimes I fall down a rabbit hole in my own mind.  Sometimes it’s anxiety.  Things that happened long ago I’m still trying to fix or figure out.

More pleasurable are thoughts about sex.  I have vivid, complex fantasies.  Or simple daydreams about doing sexy love with our bodies.

How do you stay awake on long drives?  Do you daydream like me?  Sometimes I offer my breasts for my spouse to grab, during long drives.  I invite him to reach into my shirt and gently touch my soft, warm tits.  He gets a thrill, and it does help him stay awake.

It’s a fun way to connect, but it can also be confusing because it’s sex, but informal and silly.  What kind of aftercare is needed?  We can’t do the usual in bed, post-sex cuddle.  Usually we arrive at our destination, and we’re busy doing the thing we drove there for.

questions for discussion

Would you enjoy groping a passenger, as my spouse enjoys groping my breast?

Would you enjoy groping the driver?  For safety there’s moderation that needs to be maintained.  Aroused enough for fun, but not so aroused that it distracts from the driving.

Is there a special snack you like to eat, when you’re driving?

Sex in cars?  On trains?  Busses?  Amusement parks?  Outdoors?

How much aftercare do you need?  If it varies depending on sexual activity, what determines how much aftercare you need?

By Nest

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