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questions about sex

I was making a list of questions about sex for another post, and I really like them.  So I decided to put the questions into their own listy post.  They help me think ideas I never thought before.

Sex is something I feel a lot about, and deeper thinking about it could be a nice way to balance.  If my life is a bicycle with thought and feeling as the wheels, maybe they should be a similar size.

Or maybe my life is a trike, with a wheel of spirituality also.  At any rate, here are some questions about sex.  I hope they spark questions of your own and help you think something new also.

questions about sex

What do you most want done to your body sexually?

What do you most want to do to another person’s body?

Do you think about group sex?

Are previous sexual experiences from long ago still on your mind?

Does disability limit your sexual relationships and activities?

How about unaddressed trauma and unhealed pain?

Do you remember your sex dreams?

Would you like more sexual entertainment?


Is love involved, in your fantasies?

Without love, is the risk of the erotic worth it?

Is the erotic and the big feelings that usually come with it, worth risking at all?

Do you trust others?

Do you hurt people with miscommunication about intentions or lack of intentions?

What do you most want physically?

What do you most want emotionally?

How about sexual-spiritually?

ideal relationship

What would your ideal relationship be?

Who would your ideal partner be?

How is sex part or not part of you life’s work?

Who would you be, with a much higher or much lower sex drive?  Would you enjoy life more?

Does sex get you into trouble?

What would the most complete, fulfilling expression of your sexual being be?

What sexual activities have you not tried yet, that you would like to try?

Who would you be, if sex was more or less central to your life?  Would you like yourself more?


I enjoy these questions about sex.  They make me want to write poems, songs, and blog posts in reply.  I want to make lovely arts in answer to all of them.   What a sweet little trove.  Thank you, Nest.

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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