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naked girlfriend sex dream

Hello, I woke up yesterday from a naked girlfriend sex dream.  Felt important–I want to write about the dream and what it means.

naked girlfriend sex dream

I was in a cafe or restaurant, just me and my girlfriend.  She was naked, sitting there up against a wall.  She was gorgeous beautiful, and her skin was warm light brown, all over her body.  Sort of the color of my spouse’s skin where it sees the sun.  I adored her pretty breasts and cute tummy.

She was complaining to me that she wanted more time alone with me.  The idea was she wanted more sex.  In the dream, I had my spouse and another girlfriend taking my time elsewhere.  I felt compassion for her desires, but no extreme effort to meet them.

“What if I went down on you right now?” I asked her.

She got up and moved around near me.  I was thinking about how we could position our bodies, so I could get a good angle with my mouth on her cunt.

Mmm, sounded delicious.  I longed for her.  I wanted her sitting on a bar stool, leaning back, as I stood and leaned over with my mouth on her vulva, kissing her labia then licking her clit, holding her ass and lower back in my arms and hands.  Supporting her as I got her off with love.  She would be slightly unsteady on the bar stool, but I would hold her securely, keeping her safe as she came for me, crying out in pleasure-anguish.

Right then a worker entered the room.  She was a young white woman with fluffy long blond hair.  We were in a cafe after all.  It was not ok to have sex here.  The worker was some distance away.  But I knew we could not have sex there.


That was the dream.  Not very long.  But it was vivid and felt significant.  It also was highly realistic, despite the social non-realism of nudity in a cafe.  I was fully clothed, as was the worker.  It was just my girlfriend who was naked, which was somehow ok.

I have a lot of nudity in my dreams.  Usually it’s me.  I realize I’m naked or half-naked, and it’s ok.  Or in a recent one, I was naked in a bathroom, at the sink caring for my body.  Then I looked up, and the room was much bigger than I thought it was.  I was alarmed by the other people around, though they weren’t paying attention to me.

I was living at a new place and scared I was fucking it up.  Trying so hard to be appropriate, but I didn’t know the size of the bathroom and other things it was used for.  I had been leaning over the sink, and felt sad that others had looked at my fat ass.  My fat ass is valid, but I wished to keep it covered, around these new housemates.


In this dream, what’s the meaning?  I call it a naked girlfriend sex dream, but there was no actual sex.  Just in my dream-mind.

I have a strong feeling the naked lady is me.  I need more alone time with myself.  That direct, beautiful lady looks ten years younger than I am, browner, not as fat, and more assertive.  But I think she is representing part of me that needs more attention.  A sensual, sexual, beautiful, bright, youthful part of me that knows what she wants and will ask for it.

I want to be naked with myself, love myself, touch myself, and care for myself in all the ways, including sexuality.  Doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks about me.  Deeply, I don’t care how other people think I look, or what other people think I deserve.  Alone in bed, I love myself intensely, and want to love myself even more.

If I don’t take care of myself, who will?  If I don’t deserve my love, who does?

actual second girlfriend

Another layer of meaning to this naked girlfriend sex dream is that my second girlfriend when I was a young person actually did ask me for more alonetime and sex.  Sort of like the dream girlfriend, but the two look and seem totally different.

My second girlfriend and I were young adults, and I didn’t have a car.  Being together was difficult, and this was before texting for frequent contact.  I liked having sex with her.  But she was not really there for me emotionally in a safe way.  Things felt constantly in flux; the emotional part was too chaotic.  Her aftercare was not trustworthy.

It’s strange because as a best friend, she’s there for me skillfully.  As a girlfriend, she was constantly up and down, we had a lot of conflict, and I lacked a safe place with her.  She was living with her parents, and I was living in a shared dorm room.  Privacy was difficult, let alone stable, sustained aftercare.

more sex

What do you think about this dream?  When people ask you for more time or more sex, what do you say?  Do you like direct questions?

Are there parts of you that you’re neglecting?  What would you do with yourself, if you could do anything?

I have been my own girlfriend before.  Maybe I always am.  If I close my eyes, could I be the naked dream girlfriend?  Am I always her, somehow?  Does it ever matter, how we look?

What if my spirit looks like a dragon, a goat, a bison, an elephant?  How about the spirit of a beautiful rock or lichen?  Maybe my spirit is a tree.  Maybe it can be different things in various moments.

What if I’m shimmering golden light, inside?  Of course I’m actually made of animal–flesh and bone.  But what if I was made of candy, glitter dust, or red stars shining?

I could have sex with the golden light inside of me.  I could touch the light when I reach into my own cunt.  Maybe it’s shining out when my eyes are closed.

By Nest

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