I have always liked spooning.  It’s a great form of cuddle, especially naked for lots of skin-skin contact and bonding hormones.  Feels like love.  After sex, it’s the best.  With my spouse, spooning is a favorite activity.

This pic is my spouse behind me, holding onto my left breast, and my hand is on top of his.  The house we’re staying at right now, the wall behind the bed is dark orange, and light reflects red.

When I have insomnia, cuddle in general but especially in the form of spooning can calm me down and help me get to sleep.  Especially with knee action for a full-body sensation.  I love my spouse’s knees to press behind my knees, as he holds me on the top half of my body.

Sometimes I ask him to kiss my head.  That can give me a sweet family feeling, as my dad kissed my head sometimes, when I was a kid.  That was the only affection I remember enjoying from him.

cuddle buddies

I can’t cuddle with just anyone.  It’s important to choose cuddle buddies carefully, because I’m likely to fall in love with them.  I have a good friend I’d like to cuddle with.  But she is not looking to girlfriend-up, and if I fell in love with her, it would not work out well.  So we can’t cuddle.

I had a strong desire to cuddle at the park with another friend.  I fantasized about a weekly cuddle date, where I could be the big spoon, and we would set a timer for 20 minutes or maybe 30.  The park seemed nice as a naturey public place where we had extra assurance the cuddle wouldn’t turn into sex.  We could do this specific thing, get needs met, and say, “See you next week!”

I liked the idea as a way to diversify.  More touch in my life seems good for my health, from various sources.  My spouse is happy to cuddle, but life is busy.  Having a specific cuddle time with a specific person seemed ideal.

We ended up not moving after all to the town near this friend.  And now I doubt he would have wanted to commit.  But I hope one day to have that type of steady cuddle buddy, reliable and chill.

which spoon to be

I thought I was more of a big spoon.  Partly that’s so if the other person has a boner, it’s not my business.  I could rest, closely holding a dear one, with my breasts safely pressed on their back.

Now I think little spooning is possibly better.  It’s snugly, to be held in a safe way.  The boner of my spouse is welcome and doesn’t stress me.

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