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Last time I had sex with my spouse, a group sex witch fantasy spun out of my head, without my wishing it to.  Pretty amazing and appropriate for Halloween.  Tis the season.

witch fantasy

You know how stories don’t always start at the beginning.  This witch fantasy starts with my spouse tied onto a huge pentagram.  Like one of those crosses they tie people to.  St Someone’s cross.  But horizontal rather than upright.

Yes, he’s naked, so beautiful, and tied down on a huge pentagram.  Candles burn at a safe distance, in a dark place.  Five witches come to use him for their play, or it could be a ritual.  Part of a ritual.

They are naked and vibrant.  They take turns rubbing their breasts on his face.  At first I was going to say they all have huge tits, but we are open to all tit-types in this family.  All tits are valid.

My spouse is tied up with this head, hands, and feet at the star points of the pentagram.  He’s overwhelmed with arousal by the strange breasts, so familiar as breasts yet unknown of these specific people.

Mammals are the best.  My spouse’s animal response to their animal bodies is full of energy and sexual life.


The five witches have him for their fun.  As the fantasy shifts, sometimes I’m one of the witches.  (Yes, I love sex as religion.)  Sometimes I’m just watching from a distance, like a chill bodyguard.  Or I’m not there at all.

It’s a thrill to see my spouse respond sexually to these witches.  It’s scary but fun, to see my spouse in a new way.

I do believe that emotional healing works great one on one, but healing in groups is important also.  Why not sex?  One on one, it can be about intimacy and trust.  But in a group maybe the rules can be different.  I wouldn’t know–I’ve never done it in a group, except in my dreams.

Coming together for a project is different than deep bonded connection.  Yes, my own personal rules probably would differ in a group sex situation.  I hope one day I can find out.


In one flash of fantasy, witches are massaging each of my spouse’s hands and feet.  His boner is huge as it sticks up near the center of the pentagram.

Then the fifth witch grabs his balls to squeeze them, then grabs his dick and feels its huge erection.  She’s thrilled by his arousal and slowly rubs her hand up and down the length of his dick as it strains and reaches to come.

He has sensory overwhelm from the hand and foot massages.  He’s flooded with a new kind of pleasure, as he tries to feel all the sensations at the same time.  Fortunately he masturbated and came a few hours before the scene, so his dick has some endurance for the witchery.

delicious cunts

Each witch in turn puts her cunt above his face and makes him sniff it.  Then they have another go around and rub their cunts on his face, and he licks them.

I like that the witches are in total control.  My spouse is lying there, subject to whatever they want with his body.  He consented to that.  They can use him however they want.  It’s erotic.

I like the idea of them playing with him for hours, until his entire body is spent from strain and pleasure.  He might finally come, and they use his semen for some ritual purpose.  Then afterward he sleeps a deep sleep, exhausted in a new way.  Then for the rest of his life, he hopes a similar witch fantasy scene can happen to him again.


Do you enjoy this witch fantasy?

What would you like the five witches to do to him?

What would you like the five witches to do to you?

Is it ok to use the witch trope in this way?

Witches are real, and I am one.  I don’t think it’s a problem, but I’m open to other ideas.

I want a hand massage as part of sex now.  Or maybe I just want a hand massage!  My hands work really hard.

Fantasy is much easier–we don’t need to worry about safer sex or feelings afterward.  Aftercare is necessary only for us.  We can just get off on it.

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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