stuff my hole

I had a sex dream–I was doing it with my spouse.  He was fucking me.  The dream was energetic and erotic.  But I only remember a small part.  I wanted to be fucked harshly and told my spouse, “Stuff my hole.”

Usually my sex dreams are complicated, confusing, and only partly hot.  There’s a painful part.  This one was just hot.  I was extremely aroused, and my spouse couldn’t get enough of me.  My request that he stuff my hole was satisfying to say.

Usually I am not dominating.  So an imperative moment can be thrilling, as a change from our norm.  I like begging for it.  I enjoy power play.

telling my dream

“Wow, I had a sex dream this morning,” I told my spouse.  “I was doing it with you.  And I told you to stuff my hole.”

“Sounds good!” my spouse said.

Often I suck his dick, or he beats off on me.  Being fucked can feel like a treat.

Then we had sex, and I asked him to stuff my hole like the dream.  It was fun to let the erotic charge carry over into awake life.  He fucked me so hard and wantedly.


“Am I a good slut for you?” I asked.

“Yeah,” he said.  “You’re a very good slut.”

“Does that pussy feel good around your dick?” I asked.

“Yeah,” he said, fucking me harder.

“I wanna be a good slut for you,” I said.

I mean slut in the sense of an empowered pleasure goddess.  Not a disrespectful name misogynist people use to dismiss a woman who knows her own sexual excellence.


My spouse came in me so deeply and completely.  I felt used in just the right way.

After that we were cuddling, and I was masturbating.  I had a fantasy that he would tell me I’m not allowed to come unless it’s around his dick.  I would be orgasm deprived until I got more and more horny and was on his dick all day, whimpering for him to let me come.

He would withhold orgasms from me, and I would cry.  I would sneak off to masturbate, and he would catch me touching myself.  To punish me, he would make me watch him beat off and refuse to put it in me.

He would spread my legs and beat off on my vulva.  He would ejaculate on my cunt lips and clit, and I would feel thrilled by the warm liquid saturating me.  But I would cry because he wouldn’t let me come too.

In real life, that would be intense and possibly stressful.  But it was a good fantasy to think about as I rubbed my clit.  I came and enjoyed all that pleasure.  Thank you to my spouse and my dream.

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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