smut theory


“Are you ok?” I asked my spouse.

He was lying in bed on his back, and his shorts were pulled down to expose his big dick sticking out erectly.  I was in bed next to him, writing.

“Mm hmm,” he said, sleepy.

“I see you have some swelling,” I said, patting his thigh with affection.

“Yeah!” he said.  He gets excited when I notice his erection.

“Does it hurt?” I asked.  “You need help?  Want some ice?”

“Yeah!” he said.  He reached down to hold his dick.

I giggled, imagining holding ice to his area of swelling.

“Would you really like that?” I asked, imagining him squirm from the intense sensation.

“Yeah!” he said.


“You pervert,” I said sweetly, cuddling close to him.  “Are you cold?”

“No,” he said.

“Well, take off your shirt.  You wanna masturbate?” I asked.

“Yeah!” he said.

“I want more skin-skin,” I explained.

He took off his shirt, and I re-settled the nakedness of my large breasts and tummy onto his beautiful body.  Then I kissed him many times.


So nice it’s cooling off here and life is less sweaty.  Cuddle feels even sweeter, when I want warmth-comfort as well as love.

My spouse began to beat off.  I love watching him masturbate.

“I love you,” I said.  My breasts against his body felt the rhythmic movement.  “I always love you.”

“Mmm,” he said.  “I love you too.”

I caressed his chest, shoulders, tummy.  Then I reached down to his right thigh and petted it sweetly.  I touched his balls, and I touched his other thigh also.

“You are a very good person,” I said.

“You’re a good person,” he said, beating off.

“You’re so sexy and beautiful,” I said.  I reached to touch his balls again.  “I’m so lucky be your spouse.”

presentation flashback

Last night I was looking forward to viewing a recorded zoom together.  We settled in to cuddle-watch the presentation, and my spouse started making out with me, going for my breasts with enthusiasm.

I was like–wait wait wait!  Actually I was posting on instagram, watching the video, and cuddling my spouse at the same time.  Sex was one thing too many.

I got overwhelmed and called a time out complete with hand motion.  We stopped the video.

“Are you trying to have sex with me?” I asked my spouse.

“Uh…yeah!” he said.

“Oh!” I said.  “Well, that’s not what I signed up for.”

We had just had sex a few hours before, both of us coming.  I might have been more interested in round two, if I had not just come.

We cuddled more.  I brushed my teeth, so sleepy, and we went to bed.  Almost eight hours later I woke up, happy that I’d slept the whole damn night.  I didn’t even wake up to pee.  Wow, how fortunate I am.  I needed that.


Ok, end flashback about consent. Back to the scene I’m telling you about my spouse masturbating to reduce his swelling.

I chomped down on his right nipple.  I covered my teeth with my lips.  And I chomped down on his nipple enthusiastically.

Then I  grabbed his other nipple with my hand and squeezed it.  He sexually enjoyed the sensation and masturbated faster.

I grabbed his balls and asked, “Are you going to come?”

“Yeah,” he said.

I was excited by his excitement.  I held him close, and we enjoyed the moment of his orgasm and ejaculation together.  The semen spurted and oozed from his big dick.  I was happy to be part of his pleasure, health, and emotional life.

thank you

Thank you to my spouse for being a kind, beautiful person.  For helping me live, every day.  For your deep respect and how you do consent skillfully, respecting boundaries and truly caring for what I need and want.

A lot of people will pretend to care in order to get something, or will sometimes care.  Thank you for doing love for real, in a way that feels safe.  I will gladly do the same for you.

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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