smut theory


My spouse washed some fruit for me and put it in a bowl.  Raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries, fresh from the farmers market.  Yum!

But it was too much.  I ate them in order of how much I like them, saving the best for last.  First I ate all the blackberries, dark and plump.  Then the delicious, tender raspberries, so soft, almost crumbling in my mouth.

By the time I got to the strawberries, my favorite, the queen of fruits, I was full.

“Can I feed you some fruits?” I asked my spouse.  He was lying in bed.

“Yes,” he said.

“It was too much fruits,” I said.

“Really?” he asked.


I held a strawberry in my hand.  It was big.  “Is this too much to put in my spouse’s mouth?” I wondered.

Then I realized that my spouse had shoved his dick in my mouth quite a lot.  Is his dick too big to fit in my mouth?  Yes, it is–absolutely.

I giggled and put the whole strawberry in my spouse’s open mouth.  Yes, it was a lot to take.

“Now you know how it feels,” I said.  “You shove your strawberry in my mouth all the time!”

We laughed.


Later he was lying around naked.

“What are you up to?” I asked.  “Thinking about feeding me your strawberry?”

He grabbed his dick and waggled it at me.  We both smiled.  Yes, so big and tasty.  Fresh and delicious fruit for me, ripe and warm, like candy.


I wish we could be so happy together forever.  I’m sorry death is a thing; I’m dreading it.

It’s been more than ten years now, and we are very good at love and being kind to one another.  “Keep your eye on the prize,” is a phrase I like about relationships.  Yes, you might want to yell or lash out in a petty moment.  But we have bigger fish to fry here.  Our love is worth more than this one angry conversation.  We’re disabled and honest.  We’re doing survival.  The truth is that I need him, and he needs me.

We have a world to love, not just one another.  We’re close so we can help keep one another alive to do the work of God in community.  That’s no small matter.  A day’s conflict is nothing compared to the task at hand.  Our ancestors got us here to use the skills they handed to us for specific work.   We need to find that work and do it.

Destroying one another with selfishness, addiction, and violence is not in the plan.  We have no energy to spare.  I see other couples engage in mutual harm and feel sorry for them.  Are they really on earth to lie, argue, and sabotage one another?  I’m doubting that.

Sex is part of what keeps me and my spouse connected with a dose of nutritious pleasure.  Happy to take that pleasure, learn from it, and nourish one another with love and strawberries.

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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