smut theory

go down on me

“Will you go down on me?” I asked my spouse.  We were cuddly in bed, and I wanted his tongue on my clit, that special feeling.  It was an unusual ask.  For a long time, I didn’t want him (or anyone) to go down on me at all.

“Yes,” he said.

“Not for a whole long thing,” I said.  “Just for a minute.  I’ll hold my labia open.”

My labia have gotten longer over the years, especially the left one.  I like it.  But sometimes my labia feel slightly in the way.  I held them open because I wished for my spouse to have direct access to my clit.


I’d just taken a shower and was lying in bed, feeling fresh and clean.  I like to dry off my vulva with a fan so my skin stays healthy, and the skin between my abdomen and my vulva too.  So I often lie in bed naked after a shower, the fan drying me.  I rest and feel happy.

“How does it look?” I ask my spouse, when he sees me lying there happily with my legs spread wide.

“Looks great!” he says.  He thinks my parts are very pretty.  What a sweet spouse.


This time when I asked him to go down on me, he positioned himself between my legs.  I held open my cunt as promised.  He touched his tongue to that lovely, alert, poking up place.

“Mmmm,” I said.  Yes, just what I wanted.

It was thrilling, and I loved the sensation in my body.  Vulnerable in a good way.

Felt different, to feel his tongue on my clit while my labia were not present like usual–my labia were feeling only that spread open sensation.  I like that feeling too.

I enjoyed giving my spouse something he loves.  Pleasing my plump, enthusiastic cunt is a joy to him.  He has a generous heart and a generous dick.


I motioned for him to stop.  He crawled higher on the bed to cuddle me.  I didn’t want the whole situation of a puddle of drool under my butt and squishy wetness that lasts a day.  My vulva is a special biome I care for attentively.  Too much squishy wetness makes maintaining my health more difficult.

But I wanted more.  “Can I have another minute?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said.

I spread my cunt lips again, and he went down on me again. It felt even better the second time, when I knew what I was getting, and my plump clit was begging for it.


It was just a normal day, but a day with extra cunt licking.  We have sex often.  It’s one of my favorite parts of love.  I can’t remember how it went, after that.  Probably my spouse fucked me, came in me, and I may or may not have masturbated and came too.

I started this post days ago, and I finally finish it now.  Love to your needs, feelings, health, fantasies, orgasms, and your entire sacred body.

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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