touch my balls

“I want you to touch my balls,” my spouse said.  We were lying in bed, cuddly and happy.

“Ok,” I said.

“I want to touch your balls,” he said.

“…Ok,” I said.  “But I don’t have any.”  He was sleepy–he was not making complete sense.  But I love him however he is.

“I have ovaries!” I said.  “You could touch them, but they’re in my abdomen kinda weird.”

I did touch his balls.  What a treat.  He woke up a bit, and we had beautiful sex.


Balls are amazing.  So soft and tender in their vulnerable goodness.

Dicks can do some damage.  Balls are mostly just hanging around.  Beautiful and awkward, like me.  Soft, rounded, full of potential.  Yes, I am just like balls.

My spouse has taught me a lot about balls.  I’ve never had my own.

As a kid I learned about balls from movies and tv, when a slapstick laugh was needed.  Someone got hit in the balls and covered his crotch, in extreme pain.  That was supposed to be funny.  Nope, it was not funny.  I learned that balls can feel extreme pain when hit.


So I was gentle around balls, mostly avoiding them all my life.  But eleven years ago, I found my spouse.  He likes his patted, stroked, kissed, kissed more.  Jiggled, squeezed, gently sucked.

I’m happy to do those things.  That’s an easy, pleasurable way to give him love.  It’s great to learn more ways to have sexual fun.

Long term love is a joy, to deeply know someone and give them what they most want.  We do it in a mutual, consensual way.  Bliss is ours.


Do you like balls?  When you’re in love with someone with that equipment, do you enjoy playing with them?  Do you think they’re sweet and awkward?

If you have your own balls, do you like to touch them?  Do they get the love and attention you wish for?  Are they a favorite part of your body?

If you could have anything you want, pertaining to balls, what would it be?  What is your balls dream?

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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