Hello, what kind of writing do you value?  I like to share truth here that’s too personal for publishing with my real name.  It’s an artful side project I give as much heart as I can spare.

I like when I have a ton of writing energy and update here every other day.  Sometimes survival is a struggle, and falling into the blissful sublime falls by the wayside for a little while.

Sometimes having different parts of me separated out this way seems tedious and cowardly.  But privacy can be so important.  Like when I’m going through court problems, or a relative or ex is stalking / harassing me.

At times like these, I’m super glad this personal stuff is separated out under another name, so people who are trying to hurt me have less ammo.


If you enjoy this blog and it has value for you, please give back somehow.  Maybe you already do, as my good friend, loving me long term.  Thank you for that balance.

If not, here are some ways you can give back.

  • comment on a post to help my SEO
  • share posts with friends to increase my readership
  • link from your project to mine
  • offer to pay my cell phone bill for a month, to keep me connected to people who love me
  • befriend me on social media and like my posts there
  • suggest topics you’d like me write about
  • give me feedback on what you like best so I can consider moving in that direction
  • offer to write a guest post
  • suggest a concept you’d like my reflection on
  • suggest an interview
  • offer to improve my website
  • anything encouraging
  • flowers
  • food
  • massage
  • beautiful cupcake
pay it forward

Or you could pay it forward, giving the gratitude you would give to me to another person who might be disabled, crazy, low income, and brilliantly creative.

Thank you for making balance in what you take and what you give.  Sometimes I feel like the world is full of takers, and I’m seen as an infinite resource.  I’m actually a limited disabled person trying to get by.

Or I’m seen as entertainment like any other.  There’s often no need to give back to a tv show or movie.  But I’m not big budget and have no staff.  It’s just me, a friendly artist trying to share truth and give love to the world as I can.  Thank you for your care.

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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