getting pregnant should not be a crime

I love the ideas and aesthetic of this instagram post by @holistic.abortions.  Getting pregnant should not be a crime.  Bodies get pregnant.

The colors are so pretty, and the vibrant stripe on the side.  The line drawing of the sitting person.  The flower and the spatteriness.

Yes, it reminds me of something John Dobson used to say: Just you try not to have kids!  Every single one of your ancestors had kids!

I use a different definition of ancestor now.  We can have art ancestors, disabled ancestors, queer ancestors, transcestors….  But I hear his point.  Pregnancy can be a huge difficulty to some, but it can also be terrifyingly easy.


I was surprised when I learned that teen pregnancy is higher in queer kids, including trans kids.  Please don’t think only girls and women can get pregnant.  Sex can be more complicated than first glance.  Power, safety, housing and homelessness, money, privacy, learning, and sex work can all come into play.

Not that teen pregnancy is necessarily a problem.  People can have lots of skills and resources, or a total lack, at any age.  My mom was a teenager when she birthed me.  The struggles she endured would not have been cured in a couple years, if she had birthed me as a non-teen.

thank you

Thank you for being real about how bodies get pregnant and getting pregnant should not be a crime.  Let’s create a culture where that’s a given.  No one should be forced to carry what they don’t want to carry.  So many possible circumstances, and I trust people to shed what we need to shed.

Shedding is one of my favorite things about being a person.  I love to make choices about what to hold onto and what to keep.  There can be so much power in those choices, and I would not presume to limit them for others.

Shedding is part of why I love snakes and consider a snake tattoo.  I like to give snakes in real life a lot of respect and space.  They are so powerful, like I want to be.

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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