The right to safe, legal abortion is a relief.  Sure, I could try to diy it, get a medical abortion illegally, or carry to term an unwanted pregnancy, if I had to.  But all that is like adding insult to injury.  Healthcare is too difficult already.  Let alone making a stressful part illegal.

I need that right

I was having sex with my spouse, and he was fucking me.  As we collaborated on a sexual experience joyfully, a shadow of worry crossed my mind.  Oh yeah, abortion rights are threatened.

My spouse delivered a full load of semen right up against my cervix. Ah, what a lovely orgasm he was having.  I enjoyed our shared pleasure while receiving his liquid love.

But I felt vulnerable in a way I hadn’t felt vulnerable in a long time.  My spouse has a vasectomy, which he got toward the beginning of our relationship.  What a gift.  However, vasectomies fail sometimes–I think they are most likely to fail at the beginning, and then as time passes.  Yes, I could show you the curve.

I was lying there cuddling my spouse, calculating.  If this semen were to impregnate me, how long would it be until I noticed?  Where would we be living then?  Would I have access to a safe, legal abortion?

Yuck–doesn’t seem reasonable to have to worry about that.  I don’t want to do post-sex math in bed.

Freedom matters to me, and even more to people poorer, more disabled, more trans, more of color, less supported, and otherwise more oppressed than I am.  I need freedom, but others do even more.  I’m sorry the people who need it most, get support and respect the least.

abortion forever

I like this t-shirt Abortion Forever in gold sparkle letters on black fabric made by ak press.

Hopefully I won’t be pregnant soon or ever.  Politics is personal and real, but lawmaking feels worlds away, the domain of rich people who never cared about me.

Abortion is sacred.  We all have to decide the best ways to resist injustice and support one another with empowerment.  There’s so much work to do, and I can’t do it all.

  • wear a t-shirt
  • write a blog post
  • study home abortion and herbal abortion
  • share resources
  • donate money
  • protest
  • make street art
  • tell the truth in conversations with friends and family

Love to your choices and love to choice.

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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