craziness and consent

This poem “craziness and consent” is mostly about disability and family pain.

craziness and consent

does consent count

how crazy is too crazy

when I’m in another mood

altered state

another world

unshared reality


my spouse tried to do it with me

he takes no for an answer

and never shamed me

for anything

but if I don’t know myself?


panic in the night

who’s there for me

when my family is tiny

and my relatives

are in another biome

never knew me anyway

I see pictures of them

on facebook and cry

we share blood ancestors

and bad memories


if you uproot someone

you have to expect

we’ll wither and die

away from our homelands

but I couldn’t live where

the suffering piles up

like strata we can’t unlayer

though the rocks crack

and scatter during


earthquakes shaking the sense

folding upon itself

the town my mom birthed me

I learned how to walk

multi violenced and violated

grandparents buried by

the olive tree with the wind chimes


how could I not be crazy

everyone around me

was pointing a finger at somebody

they crushed the most powerless

I couldn’t defend me

smallest voice

biggest ass

biggest broken heart

dripping pain

so I was pinned

with the biggest diagnosis


I became the bad example

they threw the darts at

of “at least I’m not as crazy as”

who never had children

or a house

or that entitlement


I don’t want to go shopping

I have something

more than objects

and money

my relations

live on beer, Jesus, football, denial, and chocolate


I’m sorry your center is missing

you can try

religion there

or something from the sale papers

but there’s where love belongs


Mother Earth could nurture you

but you’re too busy

making a BBQ

your prayers aren’t flying

up into the sky

with the smoke

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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