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horse stable fantasy

Ok, please bear with me.  Strange horse stable fantasy ahead.  Don’t ask me where this one came from.  It’s almost a dream.

horse stable fantasy

There was a horse stable, but it didn’t have horses, straw, feed bags, horse food, or horse poop in it.  It had a different person in each stall.

The deal was all these people wanted to do it with my spouse.  Then the last stall had me in it–glorious Nest, in all my beloved fat splendor.

So my spouse was led to the first stall.  The guide opened the door.  It contained a thin white woman with red hair–young and horny.  My spouse looked at her, and she looked back with defiant desire.

Wow, so hot.  My spouse realized he could enter this stall and fuck this lady so easily.  He considered her body on his.  His dick ached, and he knew it would not be worth it.  He didn’t know this person, and he most wanted me.


The second stall had a man inside of it.  This man was Black, thin, and very sexy and provocative.  He wanted to suck my spouse’s dick.

Wow, my spouse never had his dick sucked by a man.  The idea was definitely appealing, especially after the extreme arousal over the red haired, thin, young white lady.  He got the feeling it would feel like heaven.  Why not?

The thin Black man looked with desire at my spouse, and my spouse said no to this person too.


The guide opened the door to the third stall.  This stall contained a horny Latina with a body sort of like mine, but with a thinner waist and even bigger tits, a rounder ass, and long flirty eyelashes.

My spouse looked at her and saw an outlier sexually appealing person.  His dick was so big and hard, the pre-cum was oozing from it.  He wanted so badly to enter this stall and fuck this unknown beautiful lady.

She was practically whimpering with desire for him.  Her lovely tits were huge and inviting, hanging down with soft comfort.  My spouse imagined rubbing his erection on them.

He shuddered and asked the guide to close the door.


He was afraid to look in the fourth stall.  But the guide opened the door.

This stall held a non-binary fat Black person with large tits and a seductive smile.  Their hair was in beautiful dreds.  They opened their arms to my spouse, and he saw these gleaming, gorgeous arms spread for him, then imagined their gorgeous legs spread for him also.  He imagined an ample, wet pussy, ready to receive his big shoving dick.

His dick throbbed, wanting to fuck this beautiful, solid, real, eager non-binary person.  He felt so aroused, he could barely walk.  Wow, so easy it would be, to fall upon this person’s generous willingness and slide his dick deep into their body, thrusting with a force he had seldom used in his entire life.

He gulped and begged the guide, “Please close the door.”


The fifth door was me.  My spouse was so relieved to finally see me.  I smiled at him.  He took a deep breath and held me for a long time.  He seemed like he might cry, but he was rubbing his erection on my hip.

I opened my cunt for him, and he slipped inside of me.  He looked into my eyes as he rammed himself into me very hard.

All the previous options were still there in the stable.  They quietly listened as he fucked me with all of his force.  Then they heard me come on his dick, and heard his quiet gasps as he ejaculated deep inside of me with a powerful orgasm and enacted all of his love.

thank you

“Thank you for choosing me,” I said to my spouse.  The words seemed irrelevant.

My spouse held and petted me, thinking of the people who he did not have sex with.  For the rest of his life he thought of them, wondering what it really would have felt like, to join his body with theirs.

But he imagined those horse stable fantasy encounters from the safe home he co-created with me.  It was inspiring to imagine those sexual experiences, but it might not have been great to live them and live with their consequences.

What do you think, reader?  I would like to be the anonymous guide all blank like an invisible angel, the servent of God.  I’d like to try being the four non-Nest choices, my spouse, and myself.  I’d take turns being all those people.  The thin white lady masturbating in her stall, as she listens to my spouse fuck me.  The man knowing ahead of time that he probably wouldn’t be chosen, but hoping against hope.

Temptation comes in many forms.  Don’t ask me where a horse stable fantasy originates.  These ideas spin out of my head uninvited.  I hope you like me to share.

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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