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kind to my body

“Tell me you want to be kind to my body,” I told my spouse.

“I want to be kind to your body,” he said.

“Tell it to me…provocatively,” I said.

“I want to be kind to your body,” he said slower, with a smile.

Yes, this is love, shared kindness for a long time.


I felt curious about his dick and balls.  Yes, I know how they’ll smell, taste, feel in my mouth and hands and cunt.  And for the most part I know how they’ll react to me.  My curiosity remains nonetheless.

I asked him to lie on the bed and scoot his lower body toward me, as I stood beside the bed.  I leaned over to his package.  So beautiful, his dick large and erect.  I kissed his balls and sucked on his dick eagerly.  It seemed so easy, the most obvious, easy thing to do in the world.

My spouse was lying back on the bed, happy.  “Is this ok?” I asked sometimes.  He was very good with it.

“Can I put the oil?” I asked.  It’s some liquid coconut oil that’s great because it can be in my mouth no problem.

I put the coconut oil and rubbed his dick for a long time.  Slow–fast.  More concentrating on the head, more on the shaft.  His dick gleamed in the low light, so pretty.

“You are so pretty,” I said, paused to stretch.  “I overdid it at yoga yesterday, and my back is sore.”

Then I went down on him some more.  He liked that very much and seemed like he might come sometimes, but I would slow down and back off.

kind to my body

Then I climbed onto him.  I wanted to push his dick into me and hump him joyfully.  But my left thigh cramped painfully the moment I tried to climb onto him.  Ouch!

I abandoned the project and lay on the bed defeated.  He climbed onto me instead and fucked me.  I loved the rhythm and the kindness of his body’s attention.

Yes, thank you for being kind to my body, dear spouse.  I feel it on the surface, on the edge, deep in my guts, and throughout my life.

It’s real–you couldn’t fake it for ten years.  I want to be kind to your body also, today after lunch and always

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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