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Lately my spouse has been fucking me daily.  But today I wanted to give him a blow job.  Strange how different it can feel each time, the same act with the same person.  Moods, needs, feelings, health, energy level, and desires all fluctuate.  Then when we meet in bed to do the deed, the alchemy of our love changes it even more.  Yes, sparks and gold, so much joy of union.

Our decade together means we have countless shared experiences, including having sex thousands of times.  So we build on the past, and all we know about one another.  Yet the Mystery means there are things we will never know about one another.

And we’re always changing, learning, healing.  We travel, read, move through the world filled with curiosity.  We have spiritual experiences.  I’m a different person now than when we met, thank goodness.

blow job

Let me tell you how it went.  First I took a shower, and we were naked in bed together, cuddly and sweet.  I touched my spouse’s chest, we kissed, and we said silly stuff.  Felt good.

“Can I touch you here?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said, as he always does.

I patted my spouse’s balls.  He was happy and horny.

Then I held his dick in my hand, and he liked that.  We kissed, and I scooched down on the bed.

I held his erection in my hand and kissed the head of his dick.  He likes when I do that.  I kissed the ridge all around, the hole, the head on its flatter surface.

Then I sucked at just the tip.  He likes that too.  And I took the whole head in my mouth.  He likes that very much.

“Do you like that?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said, gaspy.

Then I took the whole thing in my mouth so my lips bumped his balls.  Felt good to feel it hit the back of my throat and slurp at it.

I blew him thusly, pausing at times to provocatively converse, then blew him more and more  Then he ejaculated down my throat.

“I love you,” he said.  Swallowing his semen is my joy.  “I love love love you,” he said.  We cuddled, and we were happy.

alchemy culmination

The blow job is a blow job, but it’s also the culmination of eleven years of being connected on Mother Earth, caring for one another.  First cautiously and intermittently, then intensely with disabled interdependence.

The alchemy of love is a mystery.  Thank mother god for that Mystery, giving a magic to the whole relationship that I will never understand.

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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