something different

We did something different, which I needed.  Thank goodness for my creativity that shines out of me in many aspects.


“Lie on your tummy.  I’m going to touch you light touch with this scarf, then firm touch with my hands.  Then you’re going to flip over, and we’ll do your other side,” I said to my spouse.

He was very willing.  “Does this feel good?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said.

“Can I put it on your butt?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said.  I dragged the scarf over his gorgeous ass.

He seemed to relax and enjoy the sensations.  I liked seeing his naked body.

Then touching him hard with my hands I enjoyed very much.  The contrast must have been nice.

Then he flipped over, and I drizzled the beautiful scarf over him.  “Can I do your face?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said.

His dick was erect, and I dragged the scarf over his package especially much.  He liked it–his breathing quickened.

boat fantasy

Then I rubbed his dick with coconut oil.  He lay there, relaxed, letting me touch his package for a long time.  My arm would get tired, and I would switch hands.  I’d stop to stretch, then rub him some more.

“Can I tell you a mini-fantasy I’m having about us on a boat?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said.

We were on a boat, just us two.  The captain was somewhere else.  We were leaning over the edge of the boat, watching animals–big whales and some dolphins swimming in the wake.  We felt excited and overjoyed.

I was leaning over the railing, looking at the beautiful animals, and we felt so happy.  I was wearing a skirt–it flipped up, and you were standing behind me.  You took your dick out of your pants and slipped it into me.  So you were behind me, as I leaned over the railing, fucking me as the boat moved and rocked.

You pushed and pushed into me.  It felt great, and you came in me, as I stood at the railing.


“Did you like my story?” I asked my spouse.

“Yes,” he said.  His big erection was in my hand, and I’d rubbed it skillfully as I told my tale.

“What was your favorite part?” I asked.

“The part where your skirt flips up,” he said.

“Ah!” I said, surprised.

He held me and touched my breasts.  I felt overjoyed by his body.

“Do you want to fuck me?” I asked.

“Yeah!” he said.

“We could try it out!” I said, smiling.

His dick was still slippery from the coconut oil, and he fucked me soundly.  I was happy and caressed his arms, shoulders, chest.  I looked up at his beautiful face.  Yes, felt great to accept all of him.  I accepted his semen as he came deep inside my body.


Then he was sleepy as we cuddled.  I asked him to stand by the side of the bed and touch all of me, like I had touched him, but without the scarf.  Just with his hands.  “I’d be delighted to,” he said.

I lay on my tummy, and he touched all of me.  It felt great to feel his hands on my legs, ankles, ass, back, head, arms, hands.  It gave me a thrill, to feel his hands on my hands.  Maybe my nerve endings there are extra sensitive.  My nerves were singing with joy.

Then I flipped over, and he touched my front.  I felt vulnerable, cared for, and excited.

“Can I have a breast massage?” I asked.

He was happy to touch my breasts in a thorough way.


Then I asked for a cunt massage.  He touched my vulva.  “Look at it,” I said.  “Is it pretty?”

He looked at my cunt, its colors, my perky erect clit.  “Yes, so beautiful,” he said.

“Look into my hole,” I said.  “Can you see where you came?  Can you see any semen there?”

He spread my inner labia and pulled my hole more open.  “Yes, I can see it,” he said.

“Does it look pretty?”

“Yes, very pretty,” he said.


Then he was rubbing my cunt.  I asked him to fuck me with a finger also.  It felt great to be penetrated by him.

I turned on my side and asked him to touch my cunt when I was curled up on my side: fetal position.  So he reached there from behind.  It felt healing, to be stimulated sexually in a position that was usually for feeling cozy and protected.

Then I turned on my tummy also and asked him to touch my cunt as I lay on my tummy.  That was something different too, a great feeling of sexual pleasure in this position I associate with childish comfort.  He had trouble locating my clit from that angle, and I enjoyed the struggle.

something different

Yes, it was an unusual experience.  Feels energizing to do something different and understand the world is full of possibilities for new fun and learning.

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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