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overwhelming pleasure

The breast play hour was amazing.  I made this art of the menu.  Yes, it was overwhelming pleasure, to feel that much breast sensation, so constantly for more than an hour.  I learned a lot, and it was healing.

how it happened

I was naked and clean and lay back in the bed.  The light needed to be on so my spouse could read the art list I made.  But the light hurts my eyes, so I wanted to be blindfolded.  I put a small buckwheat pillow over my eyes, and I enjoyed the pressure.  It helped my head feel safe.

I couldn’t find the ribbons–maybe next time.  We definitely want to do it again.

what I surprised me / what I learned

A big part of what I’m on life to do is to learn.  I’m blessed with this human birth and want to do some human-animal work.  Sex as learning is important to me.


I was surprised I went non-verbal really fast.  That’s a subspace thing, where talking doesn’t make sense anymore.  I could whimper–that’s about it.  The verbal part of me turns off.  Being blindfolded can help induce that.

My spouse stopped speaking quickly also.  I like that.  Language-free zones are my joy.  (I have a non-verbal safeword that I can always use if I need to.)


I was also surprised by how frustrated I got.  Too bad I’m like that!  After about 45 minutes, I really needed to come–some anger got mixed into it.  Not anger like scary, but a subtle shift, where the urgency is beyond an ok level.  I wasn’t expecting that.

what my spouse did

My spouse touched my cunt rather soon.  I was planning on having just breast play for that whole time.  It was ok and wanted, that he went for my cunt, but I wanted more focus on my breasts, like maybe waiting till the end for cunt touch.

loss of time

I mostly lost my sense of time.  There was something my spouse needed to do at a certain time, and I was uneasy that we hadn’t set an alarm.

Next time we need an alarm for sure.  It was like time lost all meaning.  The hour flew by.  I was in a whole different mentality than usual, with the overwhelming pleasure.


I wish my spouse had rubbed his dick on my breasts, and I wish he had ejaculated on them.  Next time I will scoot lower on the bed.  One of my chronic pain disabilities has to do with where on my body I can receive pressure.  My spouse was having some physics issues with where he could press and not press.

It was such a success!  I hope in your life, you have times of overwhelming pleasure also, and kind people to love you.  It’s transformational.

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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