hot pocket

A certain social media site gave me grief about a pic I tried to use.  I tried again a few hours later–still I was not allowed.  The AI thought the pic was too breasty, I guess; there was no nipple, so I thought it would be ok.  So I got frustrated and used this hot pocket meme instead of the breast pic, to go along with the words I wanted to post.

I saw this meme a long time ago and found it hilarious, but I never had occasion to use it.  The self that laughs, not sure that’s my favorite self.  I find it raunchy, and it’s funny but not in a way that feels soul-nourishing or insightful.

So you can see how I would use it out of frustration with the social media site’s misguided censorship.  I was like–ok, do you like this better, robot?  The irony is how the breast pic was rather wholesome compared to the hair grabbing porn scene this meme evokes.

Yes, breasts can be very sexy but hella wholesome also.  Sources of comfort, nourishment, pleasure, life.  Sweet breasts pics may be better for the world than this meme which is clever but may be lowest common denominator.


Dirty jokes are part of life and meme life.  Dirty jokes can be a way to share information, especially for young people.  I remember learning about sex from jokes, and that was valuable for me, as a kid who was starved for sexual knowledge.

That was before the internet, and sex ed was almost worthless.  I needed multi perspectives and sources on what sex even is.  Sex seemed like a totally different things, depending on the speaker.  How confusing.

hot pocket

I think of a hot pocket as one step up from pizza rolls.  I’ve never eaten one.  Hot pockets were not something we ever had at my house when I was a kid–too expensive.  I could eat saltine crackers and make a sandwich.  Cheap popsicles and random candy–ramen and an apple.

On the other hand, if a hot pocket is my own cunt, I’ve had one of those for all of my life.  It was not called a cunt until I was an adult, thank goodness.

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