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breast play

“There’s something I’d like sexually,” I told my spouse, thinking of breast play.  We were lying in bed, doing post-lunch, cuddly and close.  “Can I tell you about it?”

“Yes, please,” my spouse said.

“Well I was thinking maybe tomorrow…  If you would touch, lick, suck on, and play with my breasts.  Breast play for the whole hour.  That would be all we’d do.  No blow job–no expectations of anything like that,” I explained.

“Sounds good!” he said.

“Yeah, I think it would be really good,” I said.   “Not that there are expectations right now, exactly.  But I feel like we’re too dick-centric lately.  It would be so nice to do something just for me.”

“Yeah!” he said.

“Yeah, and maybe the next day, you could do something similar with my cunt.  So we would put a towel on the bed, and you could just touch, kiss, lick, and play with my cunt for the hour.  You could go down on my for a long time.”

“Yeah!  Sounds great!” my spouse said.

“I thought you might like that,” I said.  “I think it would be really sweet for me.”

restore balance

I hear some old school feminists talk about restoring balance.  They say sometimes, it’s not that men or boys are bad–just that they’ve had too much power lately, and women need to rule for a while.  Or we should rule together, and then things will be better.

I like weird ideas and enjoy their theorizing, especially if it involves art.  Goddess art and vulva depictions, lots of breasts, and to romanticize mothering are fun for me, to be sure.  The more cunt art the better, as far as I’m concerned.

But I don’t think balance can be restored, in culture.  And nonbinary people matter–there are way more genders than two.

The feminists I’m talking about believe their ideal of balance restoration would please Gaia, and we would find ourselves in Eden again.  Mother Earth would be healed, and we would find paradise.  Sounds fun?  But too fanciful a hippie notion, even for me.

in bed

As for restoring balance in bed, that seems more possible, in a finite system.  Two days all about my pleasure sounds fun, and I blew my spouse skillfully yesterday.

Here a list of ideas I made for breast play.  Sounds delicious!

breast play ideas
  • jiggle them
  • grab them
  • kiss them
  • touch with a silk scarf
  • soft touch
  • medium touch
  • rub your dick on them
  • lick them
  • suck on them
  • nuzzle them
  • wrap ribbons around them
  • photograph them
  • vibrator
  • coconut oil
  • pat them
  • thank them
  • sing to them
  • pray for them
  • ejaculate on them
  • wash them
  • rest your head on them
  • tell them they matter to you
  • tell them you love them
  • make promises to them
  • smile at them

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