little clits

“Can I lick your fingers like they’re little clits?” I asked my spouse.  We were having sex, and he was standing by the bed.

“Yes,” he said.  I’d been kissing his hands, but I started to lick his fingers, that last finger segment, pretending they were little clits.  Felt erotic and lovely.

“Mmm!’ I said.  I would lick enthusiastically, then move on to another finger.  “Does it feel good?”

“Yes,” he said.  But I was getting off on it more than he was–I could tell.

something else

We were doing something else at the same time.  Maybe he was patting my cunt, or stroking its fur.  I’m not sure.  The licking the little clits memory is overpowering all the other memory.

Later I asked, “Can I suck just the head of your dick like it’s a lollipop?”

“Yes,” he said.

He liked that.  I held the base and shaft of his dick in my hand, then sucked just the head like it was a lollipop, slurping at it.  I would do that for a while then rest.  Suck it again.

what makes me horny

A different day, I’d wanted to have sex with him, but I was so sad and folded up on myself that I was having a hard time feeling ready.

“What usually makes me horny is imagining stuff.  Like if you were fucking me on the bank of a river.  I’d really like that,” I said.

My spouse liked it too.

“Or imagining ______ going down on you.  That’s always nice.  Sometimes I imagine you and her in that mirror, at that hotel, above the bed,” I said.

“I had this fantasy,” I continued, “that I would come into the bedroom, and you’d be in here with your dick in your hand, beating off, thinking about her.  And I’d be like–what are you up to?  And you’d be like–beating off, thinking about _____.  Then you would make me watch–you’d make me watch you beating off about her, and coming, thinking about her.  You would put something on the bed, and your semen would spurt out onto the bed, and you would say her name as I watched.”

It was something about the transgression.  In real life, that probably wouldn’t get me off.  But it works great as a fantasy.

“Also I have this fantasy that she sucks your dick, and then the next day I’m sucking your dick, and you’re telling me how she did it better.”

Yeah, a joke can be funny because it’s true or because it’s not true.  The cruelty of my spouse in my fantasy has an erotic charge because it’s so different from how he really is.

“I have this whole fantasy lately about a carnival–maybe I will tell it to you another time,” I said.

Telling him my fantasies did the trick; I got horny, and we did it joyfully.

breast pics

We took some breast pics in the bathroom when the light was nice.  I thought you might enjoy.

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