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Lately we have sex every day after lunch.  It’s been a month or so like that.  Rarely there’s a reason we have to do it later.  This reliable date is comforting and good for my mental health and my spouse’s also.  There’s nothing to consider, just joyful siesta.  We refer to it as post-lunch, post-lunch cuddle, the thing we do after lunch.

Yes, who thought of this–genius!  For a while it was mostly a daily blowjob.  Then it was blowjob and fucking.  Somehow it became daily fucking.  Then he started going down on me sometimes.  For a long time I didn’t want that, but I’ve become much more open to it.

If one of us is feeling very unwell, it could be just cuddle, or cuddle with additional features like patting his balls and touching his dick casually, or him fingering the fur of my vulva with love.  But every day–yes, it’s wonderful.

siesta recording

I wanted to record us doing it.  Last year I recorded myself masturbating, which was fun and empowering.  But I wanted to try recording us doing it collaboratively.

This is the recording we made–I think it’s great for a first try.

It’s subtle, with blowjob, handjob, blowjob, handjob.  He comes and ejaculates–there’s a moment about four minutes in, where things suddenly sound wetter.  But his emoting doesn’t make it to the mic.

You can hear me whimpering and breathing loudly–he was touching my breasts some of the time, and I was very aroused.  Some mouthy blowjob sounds, and the handjob sounds also.  At the end I kiss his messy dick three times before I turn off the recording.

It was fun.  I want to try it again with the mic closer to his mouth, to catch more of his moaning, gasping, murmuring.  I like it for ourselves, and as a service to anyone who would get off on it.  But also to try something new, and a new art, though very basic.


I like a siesta.  Even if I was not getting laid, a mid-day rest is lovely.  My body likes to do something different.

Have you recorded yourself having sex?  For me it’s a thrill, and a learning experience.  I try to stay quiet during sex to keep my privacy, so the people we live with don’t hear.  But otherwise I don’t usually think much about the sounds I’m making.

Sound is a fun lens to see my own erotic experience through.  I love new ways to understand.

Also, video porn can be overwhelming, and I usually get off on the sound more than the visuals.  So I’m glad to contribute to the pool of sex sounds.

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