work boots

I saw this cute meme about respecting all kinds of work boots in this house, and I was happy.

Have I told you lately that I love you, sex workers?  It’s true.  I love you.  Thank you for doing the hard work while being mostly misunderstood and villainized by many.  Sex work is work!  You are valid.

In this meme, on the left, there is a work boot like for someone building trails, lumber jacking perhaps, roofing?  Building trusses?  Demolition?  Or maybe hiking.

Then on the right there’s a sexy black work boot like for a dominatrix or some other sex worker.  Yes, to step on balls.  The heel is very high and thin.  The boots are shiny and look dangerous!  Yes, shoe fetishish, or just part of a hot costume.

These work boots are cool to see together.  Yes, to each their own.  I thought also of cowboy boots, cowgirl boots, cowperson boots.  Vaquero boots.  Cattle wrangling is work, but the meme made its point.

working for love

I don’t work for money, but I work for love, every day.  It’s beautiful to me.  Taking care of my disabled self is a lot of work, the health of my sacred body.  I wish I could move all day–walks, qui gong, ecstatic dance.  More cooking and happy times in the kitchen, chopping veg and making tasty deliciousness.

I like caring for my disabled spouse also–it’s an honor, to disabledly interdepend with him.  My projects, like writing, take a lot of work.  I don’t get paid for that.  Things could change one day, but I like how money is now.  My life is good, caring for myself full time.


I’ve thought about doing sex work.  More lately.  I asked my friend who’s done camming how she feels.  I thought she would say it’s exhausting and very difficult, so I was surprised when she told me she found it empowering and could do it for hours.

Sex work in person might feel too dangerous, but camming seems ok.  I’m a superfat woman with pretty breasts, pretty hair, a kind smile, big hips, curiosity, and kindness.  My body is likable and beautiful to many beholders.

I could think of it as professional flirt, professional masturbater, profession jiggler of breasts.  A listener of fantasies.  Yes, I can see how being desired by many people might be fun.

How would it change me?  Would I like to be changed that way?  I wonder, and the days pass.


Work boots can look like for hiking or for stepping on balls.  Respect is sacred, and I vow to respect sex workers always, including cammers.

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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