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more dicks

Hello, I’ve seen more dicks depicted.  My spouse and I were traveling in California.  Wow, so many dicks in this world.  And so similar!

This one was in southern California inland, Victorville, on the sidewalk at a park.  I like how someone tried to obscure it, but it’s still easily seen.

more dicks

I like the semen spurting out.  Nice touch!  In dotted line form, even.

Then this dick was in northern California, in Davis.  It was at a park also, among other graffiti.

sex graffiti

This one looks kind of like a fish.  A fish, but with a tail of balls.

Why do people make such silly dick representations?  Why are they spreading dick around like this?  Do they find it funny, healing, daring?  Do they get perverse sexual pleasure?

Are the people who make this graffiti dick-havers?  Is that really how they see themselves?  Am I wrong about dicks?  Do dicks really look like this?

No!  Well, the dick I spend a lot of time with and interact with does not look like this at all.  The balls are important and beautiful, but they’re kind of subtle, hidden in hair and shadow.  The poking out dick part is way more present and foregrounded.

Yes, I will kiss and pat and stroke my spouse’s balls, but the dick is what I’m rubbing, sucking on, envaginating, and making come.  Also it’s what thrills me, penetrating me with delicious force.


On another art note, I was at a Buddhist temple out in the desert and saw more dicks.  What do you think of this one?

more dicks

“Big enough?” I asked my spouse.

“Yeah, and veiny,” he said.  I laughed and laughed.  Was I supposed to pretend this is not a big dick?

It made me think of the porn star friend I had years ago.  Someone mentioned a size queen, and he didn’t think I knew what size queen meant.  The porn star saw me as ignorant and naive about sex, I guess because I’m a sweet person?  He didn’t know me very well–he had no idea about the bdsm I did, the Center for Sex and Culture that I loved, or who I’ve run with.

I felt quizzed, but I was happy to tell him what a size queen is and receive his pat on the head.  I loved him and wanted his approval.

The tall dick pillar also makes me think of acorn wands and priapism.  But that is neither here nor there.


My spouse’s dick is the only dick I’ve truly loved.  Others I’ve spent time with, but those dicks were mostly pushy, annoying, and not very trustworthy.  My spouse’s dick is worthy of worship.  I feel lucky to spend my life worshiping it.

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