mirror on the ceiling

We checked into an old hotel.  I noticed our bed had a mirror on the ceiling, over it.  It was octagonal and quite a surprise.  Immediately I began singing in my head the Eagle’s song Hotel California that says “mirrors on the ceiling, the pink champagne on ice.”

This song is about a creepy decadent hotel where “you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.”  It’s about hedonistic indulgence, a lady, and getting stuck in a situation that seems good but is not.  There’s definitely something spooky going on!

Yes, the hotel we were staying at–they say it’s haunted.  There’s a new part and the old part; we were in the old part.  Felt half-abandoned and under-populated.  The furniture was mis-matched, and the window panes had wavy glass.  The wifi signal was weak to the point of unusable.

Yes, we were right by the courtyard with its fountain.  Things were too damp.  It had similarities to Hotel California.  But we escaped–we’re free.

mirror on the ceiling

I never saw a mirror on the ceiling!  This was new for me!  My spouse said it was new for him also.

I lay in bed and looked up at the ceiling.  Wow, I had no idea I was so pretty.  The world has told me my whole life how I’m worthless for being fat, and fat is ugly necessarily.  Well, the world never saw me naked, or never looked in a fresh way.  The curves of my thighs, the way my breasts are, as I’m lying there.  Just the beautiful substantial, solid quality of my resting self.  So luxurious!  Pretty!

We were naked in bed and looked up together at the mirror on the ceiling.  I couldn’t stop saying, “We’re so pretty!  Wow, I had no idea.”

Then my spouse wanted to watch me blowing him.  Great idea.  I sucked his dick, and he watched in the mirror.  He was very charmed, but I never saw.  I should have asked him to take a picture.

fucking me

“Do you wanna watch me fuck you?” he asked.

Yes, it was delightful.  I looked up at the view, and it was hot.  I never knew I would see my spouse’s ass like that, with the sweet fucking motions.  Many times I’ve imagined watching him fuck other people, but I never knew I’d watch him fuck me.

He came in me.  Then we cuddled, and I masturbated and watched my fingers on my cunt.  The pinkness of my inner parts is very cute.  The mirror was distracting.  Looking at something was so different from my usual process.  I prefer to close my eyes and fantasize, but I kept looking up at my hand, my vulva, my spouse going at my nipples with his mouth.

I was curious about when I came–would I be able to see the contractions of my vulva?  As I neared orgasm, it was confusing to stay with the visual.  I was overwhelmed with pleasure–I always close my eyes and ride the waves in an inner-focused way.

Watching my cunt as I came, I could not see the contractions of my vulva.  I spread my legs wider and tried to look at my hole, but following through with choices was difficult right then.  Nothing mattered but the transformative pleasure that was flooding me.


“Look at us!” I said to my spouse, as he fucked me, but he could not really see.  So after we had sex, I asked him to go on me again, so I could take a picture.  I took this picture, a simulation.  We were done– still in a sexual, cuddly place, but his dick was not within me.

Is it ok to put this pic on my blog?  There are no genitals or breasts showing.  Zero penetration of any kind, but it is implied.  One ass, and the legs together.  I think it’s ok.  And I think it’s pretty.  You can see the edge of the octagonal frame of the mirror on the ceiling.

I tried to look up movie ratings and severity of sexual depictions, but I didn’t get very far.  Should I put the nsfw at the top of the page?  Yeah, I think I will.

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