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nipple instruction

I was giving my spouse some nipple instruction, and I thought you might be interested also, dear reader.  In case you encounter my breasts, or if you need ideas for how to interact with other breasts.


“Can you grab my tits like this?” I asked, demonstrating.  I grabbed my own breasts.  He watched, and then I put his hands on me.  “Yeah, so grab the whole breast, and pull it up a lil bit.  And squeeze it.  Ah, yeah.”

He was happy to try.

“No, squeeze it rhythmically,” I said.  “Ah, yeah.  Like that.”

My spouse like to maintain a squeeze for a long time.  But I like gentle, rhythmic squeezes.

new ideas

It was fun to give him a breast lesson.  It’s been 10 years we’ve been close.  But he could still use some new ideas.

“You tend to go for the nipples, and just rub the nipples.  That’s great!  But the whole breast needs love too,” I said.

“Ah, ok!’ he said, enjoying the lesson.  “I try to respond to your feedback.”

“Yeah, I know you do,” I said.  I was smiling.  “But if you can do the whole breasts, that’s a lot more sensation. Even if it’s more subtle.”

I was sitting in a chair, wearing no shirt, as he stood near me.  His dick got hard against my arm, as he grabbed me.

“Mmm.  My whole breasts love you,” I said.  “Please jiggle them.”

He held them and jiggled them gently.

“You can do it harder than that,” I said.  “Ahhhh!”

“You like that?” he asked.

“Yes,” I whispered.

“Mmm,” he said.

“You can jiggle the whole breasts, and rub my nipples at the same time,” I said.

He tried–wow, that was amazing.  I want that very much.


How much work are you willing to do?  How much energy do you have?  Is it morning, and you’re fresh and energetic?  Is it the end of the day, and you’re exhausted from ten kinds of work?

How good is your memory?  Will you learn, and then fall asleep and forget it all?  Or will you learn, fall asleep, remember everything, and build on it the next day, with another encounter where you learn even more?


Some people read books and websites for sexual technique and are driven to share deep pleasure with another person, working toward long term well-being.  That’s love.  My spouse is like that, thank goodness.  He’s showing up for real, an adult, wanting years of joy together.

Then some people are afraid of learning and afraid of sex–they stay perpetually childish.  They won’t expend effort to understand physiology, sensations, emotions, needs, relationship.  I wish that could be neutral, but it results in using people.  We all have different priorities, in what we want to learn and give our time to.   But using people is not ok.

The man who visited, had one sexual encounter with me, and broke my heart really bad doesn’t know how to love.  He doesn’t care that he’s going through the world, using women, and hoping his charm will make that ok.  I can’t put up with that.

There’s quick sex of getting animal needs met, then fleeing.  Then there’s advanced sex, which is what I need and do.  Do you want to learn, be an adult, and try something real?  If yes, please stay.  If no, get the fuck out of my life.  I’m not going to support you as you use me and everyone.

Family doesn’t mean the people who allow you to exploit them forever.  In my life, my family is the people you can trust, be real with, and build something advanced with, over decades.

nipple instruction

I like my nipples sucked, but only gently.  Rhythmic is good.  I like them licked gently.  But the more aroused I am, the more stimulation I want.  If I want to come, I like a lot of stimulation.

Both breasts at once is ideal.  The sensation is exponentially more, when both are touched at the same time.

If my nipples are touched before I’m aroused, it hurts.  My clit is the same way.  Once I’m aroused, they’re very happy with a lot of stimulation.  But before then, proceed with caution.

I need to feel safe.  If I feel rushed, I can get annoyed, which doesn’t help me feel safe.  Touching my breasts in non-nipple areas is very sweet.  If you’re going too slow, I will ask for more, or move your hand to place with more nerve endings and vulnerability.

thank you

Thank you for being kind to breasts you encounter and the people who they’re attached to.  Bodies vary so much that nipple instruction should be individual.  Please choose to be an adult who shows up in a meaningful way, to love one another.

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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