dick comfort

“Does your dick need comfort?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said.

“Dicks have to do a lot of work,” I said.  I grabbed his dick, as he pulled down his chonies.  “Getting big and small over and over again, all day.  Dang.  Exhausting!”

“Right!” my spouse said.

“And you have to be enthusiastic, but not too enthusiastic.”  I kissed his mouth, licking his lips.  “Eager and ready, but respecting boundaries and consent.  Too much to balance!”

“Yeah,” my spouse said.  He lay on his back, with his knees spread wide, enjoying my hand’s attention.  I pat his balls.

“Does your dick need a kiss?” I asked.


Yes, I will comfort my spouse’s dick all day.  Then this morning, I got dick comfort myself, wanting it in my mouth.  I felt sad, too lonely, plagued by loss.  My family felt painfully small.  I needed dick in my mouth, pushing down my throat, to feel better.

His dick is so kind and easy to suck.  I know it well.  It’s not too much work, to go down on him.  We collaborate with a lot of kindness.

Then I climbed onto him and rode his dick.  So glad my knee is ok again.  By chance the pillows were arranged in a perfect way so my hands had good places to grab, and I skillfully took his erection into my cunt.

“Grab me and move me on your dick,” I requested.  So he did, and soon he came deep inside me.  My tits were in his face, and he sucked one of my nipples happily, after he came.

The motions that feel best for me, riding him, are not what feels best for him.  So it’s fun when he grabs me and uses me like a doll, to come in me.  I feel cared for and dear to him, as he shoots his load into my wet pussy.


Dicks can need comfort, and dicks can provide comfort.  Yes, people who like dicks can have a lot of fun with them.

People who do not like dicks, I don’t blame you.  They are so rarely attached to a decent person.

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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