food fetish

I don’t think of myself as a food fetish kind of person.  Sure, garlic makes me horny.  But that’s normal.  Garlic makes everyone horny!

Then I told my spouse I was craving lasagna really bad.  But I can’t eat it.  Well, I could try it with a white sauce instead of red.  Veg instead of noodles?  Not much cheese?  By the time I switch out all the things I can’t eat, it’s no longer the thing I wanted.

I asked my spouse if he would get some veg lasagna and let me watch him eat it.  It would be fun to live vicariously through him.


Then I forgot about the whole idea.  But he got a deal for an Italian restaurant and mentioned it to me.

“Yeah, I know you’ve been wanting to go to that place,” I said.  “You should order some food!”

“I was thinking I would order some vegetarian lasagna, you would could watch me eat it,” he said.

“Wow, cool.”  Sounded hot.  Oh yeah, the food fetish!  “And I could masturbate while I watch you eat it?” I asked

“You could masturbate!” he said.

“Yeah!” I said.

“Sounds good!” he said.

I imagined him lying in bed, naked and sexy, eating the vegetarian lasagna very slowly, making “mmm!” and “yum!” sounds erotically.  I’d be standing in the bedroom, watching him eat, rubbing my cunt.

Hahaha!  Sounds sexy and funny at the same time.  Sounds wonderful.  Would that really get me off?  Maybe designating it as something to arouse us would work.  We could eroticize it.  Fetishize it.

not yet

We can’t do this yet–the restaurant doesn’t have veg lasagna.  Only meat lasagna.  He asked.

“I thought about you masturbating, watching me, while I ate the eggplant parmesan,” he told me after the meal.

“Oh!  Really!” I said.  “Was it hot?”

“Yes,” he said.

I felt loved.


The only fetish I really have is a slight hand fetish.  I also get off on kissing chests a lot, more than average, I would guess.  Especially the chests of nonbinary people.

Food fetish seems fun.  Encouraging a fetish might be smart.  Something special to get off on–por que no?

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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