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more sex

“I want you to tell me it’s after lunch, so it’s time for me to suck your dick.  Whether I want it or not,” I said.  More sex helps me.  “Would you do that for me?”

“Yes,” my spouse said

“Would you like that?” I asked.

“Yes,” my spouse said.  “I want to shove my hard dick down your throat.”  His voice was serious and almost growly.

“Mmmm, sounds good!” I said.  Then he did that.

more sex

Feels so good to have more sex lately.  Sex can be so many things.

  • healing
  • comfort
  • exhilaration
  • a way to get to know someone
  • a way to honor someone and express love
  • creative collaboration
  • satisfaction of animal need
  • good for mental health
  • good for physical health
  • a way to make money
  • vulnerability practice
  • develop trust
  • change a relationship
  • distraction
  • relaxation
  • performance / art
  • learning
  • spiritual nourishment
  • short path enlightenment
  • to experience God

Lately I like this surfeit of sex for the reliability.  Doing it daily is a way to give pleasurable structure to our days: the comfort of knowing this wonderful thing will happen.  I need it!  Yes, I forgot how good life can be.  The joy reverberates out to all parts of my life.

Sex is such an easy way to do wellness.  Happy my spouse is also eager to.  Prioritizing more sex makes sense because we need it, to balance out the hard work we do, caring for our bodies with their disabilities.

Lack of privacy has been an issue.  I don’t feel as worried anymore.  Yes, it’s difficult when I climb on him, find the best ways to ride his body, but the bed is too squeaky, and that inhibits me.  I can’t move in the most pleasurable ways, if I’m trying to keep it silent.

Vacation sex is better!  But I want to trust it’s ok, a few squeaks.  We keep our voices down, whispering about what we want and coming quietly.


It’s a better attitude.  Lately if the head of his dick peeks out of his chonies when my spouse wakes up, I say, “Good morning, beautiful darling!” and kiss his erection hello, welcoming it to the day.

Feels relaxed to have more sex, knowing it’s going to happen often.  Before, sometimes sex was a big deal and I needed to be ready.  I want to welcome it all.  Normalize erections and sexual energy interplay whenever, not just designated times.

“If you shake it, it’s going to get smacked,” is a sentence I enjoy.  Or my spouse grabbing my breasts after a hug.

Yesterday he was going to donate blood, and I said, “Great–so you’ll give blood to them, and semen to me!  Now you just need to cry and pee and poop.  Offload some fluids!”

Then we smiled.  It gave me an idea for a story I want to write.

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Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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