used purple underwear

I was in a bathroom, going pee, looking down at my underwear.  They are probably my favorite–purple–and they have some holes.  I suddenly realized: wow, these things are beat.  Very used purple underwear.  They’re faded in the part where a little pee gets on them, pee-bleached.  I’m guessing it’s been ten years, I’ve been wearing these underwear.

Most people might throw away their underwear, before it had this number of holes, or the fraying on the waistband.  But they continue to work well, they fit great, and they’re a lovely dark purple color, so I keep them.  They’ve become stretched out, over the years, and they’re comfortable.

The biggest hole is right in the middle, at the clit area.  For some reason, I never throw them away.  Other underwear has come and gone, but these remain.

I felt a twinge of something like shame, like “maybe I should get rid of these used purple underwear.”  Was I bad, to keep wearing them?

for sale

Then I thought–hmm, some people might be interested in these!  Yes, some fetish underwear collector, who likes old bleached ones best, or plus size.  Or who specializes in purple.  Who knows.

Yes, he might enjoy masturbating onto them.  Why not?  Or he might put them up on the wall, with all the others, like I put art or necklaces on the wall.  They could give him a smile.

I like the idea of my trash as another person’s treasure.  Something that might represent my fashion failure or crazy lack of fastidiousness could be the joy of someone else.  Perspective is hugely important.  And anything that will help me let go of my shame is a friend.

Should I investigate used underwear selling?  I’d never considered that.  Yes, maybe I’ll delve into that world.

Meanwhile, one pair of used purple underwear is for sale.  Probably size 11.  Three hundred dollars, free shipping!  Will wash before mailing.  Well, I’m open to requests.

used purple underwear

By Nest

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