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“Hey, look at this. It’s a sex toy made for disabled people,” I told my spouse.

He seemed interested and looked at my screen as we hugged.  Long ago he worked as a personal care attendant.  He’s disabled–I’m disabled.  His ex is disabled, and lots of our friends, in various ways.

The sex toy is called bumpn.  It’s three feet long.  I think it can vibrate, but mostly you can put another sex toy in it and then hump it.  It’s good for people who can’t do fine motor as well.  It uses different muscles groups than most sex toys use.


Yes, humping is wonderful.  I love new ways to come.  I had masturbated with my right hand exclusively until ten years ago, when I got a pinched nerve that disabled my right hand.  Suddenly I could no longer masturbate in the way I’d been masturbating my whole life.  I had to learn how to masturbate with my left hand real quick.

Polishing my pearl is best done by hand–fingertip feels best to me.  But assistive devices can get me partway there, or feel nice for variation.

My fatness adds challenge to my masturbation.  I’m average height but have strangely short legs and a long torso.  Reaching my cunt skillfully is not easy, especially considering my spazy muscle issues.  Muscle cramps during sex are all too common.  With strategic pillow arrangement and patience, I can masturbate ok.  But I hope to get old, and my bodily circumstances might change.

Bumpn is in the pre-order stage, for $224.  Seems exciting.   I paid more than $100 for the small blue vibrator I got almost a year ago.  Maybe my budget can handle one new sex toy per year!

pleasure is a human right

The website says pleasure is a human right, which I agree with fully.  Their company has podcasts, a book, a “community.”  The tone they take, with mild sexual humor, might have been carefully focus grouped to amuse without offending.

I don’t want to be overly-charmed by this product, which is of course a way for some people to make a lot of money.  But helping disabled people like me / unlike me feel sexual pleasure and maybe come is a worthy endeavor.  Partly I want to pre-order one and support the project, and partly I want to wait for the improved bumpn 2.

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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