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sex graffiti

I was taking a morning walk with my spouse and saw some sex graffiti.  I felt excited because I love street art, and it’s somewhat lacking in our neighborhood.

This art seemed childish.  I laughed and showed my spouse.  “Look at the scissor dick,” I said.

If you’re not sure that’s a dick, there’s a similar pink dick nearby that’s spewing some semen, I think, on a mailbox.  That seals the deal.

sex graffiti

Halos I thought were for when someone died?  I see them everywhere.  Maybe I misunderstood.

I note the way the penis head is differentiated from the shaft so simply, and the cartoonishness of the balls…  I want to welcome all dick-types.  But I told my spouse, “If this is what their dick looks like, they have problems.”  The quick dick depiction is stylized.

Can’t help but wonder if the street artist who made this has a dick?  Do they see dicks that way?  Maybe the stylizedness is for a spooky effect.

It makes me feel pushed away–the dick seems a symbol more than a representation.  Or the dick is not intended to love and fuck with–it’s more a tool of self-pain.  Yeah, it’s not a shared way to care or connect–it’s a personal problem.

The dick isn’t being glorified–there’s no length to brag about, or nuance to the shape.  There’s no glow of self-admiration.  It’s more sad.


A few days before, at a park, we saw some sex graffiti too.  Yes!  Thank you, teenagers of the world, for sharing your carnal knowledge with us, in sex graffiti form.  These ones seem more happy.

sex graffiti

This picnic table graffiti, the dick veininess is a nice touch.  The swirls of hair on the balls are welcome also.  I like the shape of the head, and how the dick seems to push forward hopefully.  Like many dicks I see, it has a naive personality.  That lustful hopefulness, total faith it will receive touch and boner relief.

Dicks can seem so innocent, which is weird, since the people they’re attached to often are not.

Then some breasts–yes, I need breast lessons.  Often when I make art to depict breasts, I don’t get them very symmetrical.


These have the luscious roundness.  I always prefer areolae included, but I’ll take any breasts!

Then this body also, lady with no head.  What’s the yellowish paint material, and was it fingerpainted?

sex graffiti

I like her hips; I like the green-blue v’s to the side, like extra vulvas.  Yes, extra vulvas please.

your own art

Have you made or seen any sex graffiti lately?  I’m dreaming what I would make.  Probably fat goddesses, right?  Love to the street artists.  Thank you for taking a risk to share your truth.

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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