“Will you always be my boyfriend?”

“Yes,” my spouse said.

“Will you always be my girlfriend?”

“Yes,” my spouse said.

“Will you always be my nonbinaryfriend?”

“Yes,” my spouse said.

“Will you always be my spouse?”

“Yes,” my spouse said.

“Yay!!!” I said, flailing my arms around.  “I win!”

My spouse was standing beside our bed, as I lay there, smiling.  We both win.

“But what about your dick?” I asked.

Then we laughed.  Yes, his dick is sometimes the elephant in the room.  A boyfriend tool–a non-subtle force of desire.

“It wants you to touch it!” he said.

Of course–that’s the deal.  “Well, why don’t you take off your clothes and we touch it?”


Our sex was so hot, that morning.  He seemed more horny than usual.  I responded enthusiastically.

My favorite part was he was on his knees on the bed, as I lay back and propped my head up on my left arm and sucked his dick.  I asked him to hold my head down on his dick, as that helps my neck.

“Will you please thrust deeper?” I asked.

His dick was delicious and beautiful: long, thick, and eager.  He slid it farther than usual, to the point that he reached some viscous spit, and everything got extra slippery.  Yes, the feeling of the head of his dick getting into my throat further than usual was lovely.

“Am I a good slut for you?” I asked, when he paused and rubbed my tits.

“Yes,” he said.

“Does your dick love me best?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said.

good slut

I did feel like a good slut for his dick.  After a point I’m so aroused and living for it, a dazed, slutty lust creature.  I like to lose my regular self like that.  Going into another mentality is important to me.  I need a break from the usual Nest.

When he came down my throat, I didn’t taste it much because his dick had bypassed my mouth.  The feeling of his dick pumping semen down my throat is a tender, sweet, raw feeling.  Yes, I love him always, boyfriend or not.

my turn

Then he licked and touched my nipples as I masturbated.  “Can I take a picture?” I asked.  I asked him to hold my breast, to show his pretty brown skin against my white skin that never sees the light of day.

Yes, he was great with me taking a picture.  “Aw!  This looks like love!” I said.  Then I showed him, and he liked it too.

I came hard, for a long time.  My cunt was so wet afterward, like it was full of his semen.  But he’d come down my throat.  Wow, I produced all that.

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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